Sony is now rolling out the PS5 update you’ve all been waiting for gameandnews

After more than a month in beta, Sony has finally released PS5 firmware 7.00 to all console owners. The update brings a lot of innovations – including finally the long-touted Discord support.

PlayStation 5

updated: The time has come! After the system software 7.00 for the PS5 was previously only available to participants in the beta program, Sony has finally released the firmware for the rest of the users to download. (Source: PlayStationBlog) You can easily initiate the update directly from the console.

We explain how to connect Discord to your PS5 further down in the article – there you will also find many of the other innovations that were already part of the beta update. Here is the list of other interesting features to keep in mind:

  • Save data can now be transferred from one PS5 to another via LAN or WiFi.
  • Screen reader has been improved.
  • PS5 controllers can now be updated wirelessly.

PS5 beta update brings Discord support

It was an open secret: Thanks to the current beta update, Discord is finally coming to the PS5. It’s about time too! Xbox players have been able to use the tool on their console for months.

Despite the long wait, most PS5 players will have to be patient a little longer. Because so far the new console firmware is available Only available to participants in the beta program. That gave Sony in the frame an official blog entry known.

In order to take advantage of the new feature, all players are encouraged to link their Discord and PSN accounts. If this process has already been completed, the accounts on the PS5 will need to be linked againto be able to use the function.

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The only drawback: In order to be able to use Discord on your PS5, you will continue to be initially dependent on your smartphone or PC. Because you are only able to transfer your voice chat to the PS5 via these devices. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Join a language channel of your choice with your mobile phone or PC.
  • Opens the language settings (see image).
  • Transfer the call to your connected PS5.
This is what the icons look like on PC and smartphone with which you move your voice call to the PS5. (Image Source: Discord)

Don’t have a PS5 yet? Then grab one! The Sony console is now available in a bundle and can also be bought individually:

Sony PlayStation 5 console + God of War: Ragnarok + Gran Turismo 7

Sony PlayStation 5 console + God of War: Ragnarok + Gran Turismo 7

Get the PS5 Disc Edition including God of War: Ragnarok and Gran Turismo 7 before Christmas.

The price may be higher now. Price as of 3/8/2023 12:01 p.m

What else does the PS5 update have to offer?

That’s not the only feature that beta participants can put through their paces right now. Owners of a WQHD monitor with VRR function and HDMI 2.1 connection can now also use the variable frame rate of their monitor with the PS5.

The PS5 is far from perfect:

In addition, players can now use a new button in the party menu of the PS5 join their friends’ games fasterphotos and videos can be manually uploaded to the PlayStation App, a new UI element on the dashboard shows you how many of your friends are also playing a game you are playing and the transfer of PS4 save data from the cloud for PS5 games is simplified. You can find the complete patch notes with all the new features in Sony’s blog entry.

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It is not yet known when exactly the big update will be released for all players. However, we think it will be distributed no later than March 2023. Those who don’t want to wait until then can try signing up for Sony’s PS5 beta program for early access.

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