Sony makes competition from Xbox and Nintendo look old gameandnews

Two years after its release, the PS5 is finally widely available in stores – and that is clearly reflected in the sales figures. Sony is currently easily outperforming the Xbox and Nintendo Switch in this respect.

PlayStation 5

Sony can look forward to a spectacular start to the new year, because the PS5 set a remarkable record in January: According to an insider, sales of the console in Europe increased by a whopping 202 percent compared to last year – so Sony was able to sell more than three times as many PS5 copies as last year.

PS5 finally puts in the sales turbo

Christopher Dring, head of gaming website, posted the PS5’s impressive sales figures on Twitter. According to his information, he could Sony will sell the most consoles in Europe in January 2023the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series X|S come in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Unlike the Sony console, Microsoft and Nintendo have to compare to last year accept a decline in their sales figures – the Switch loses by 11 percent, Xbox even by 32 percent.

PlayStation5 Console – God of War Ragnarok Bundle (Voucher)

PlayStation5 Console – God of War Ragnarok Bundle (Voucher)

The price may be higher now. Price from 02/20/2023 14:21

PlayStation 5: 2023 starts promising for Sony console

The record January 2023 also follows closely on the heels of the PS5 extremely profitable holiday season for Sony. Jim Ryan recently announced that the new PlayStation has now sold over 30 million units.

So while the PS5 is finally flexing its muscles after a little over two years of console shortages, Another piece of hardware is currently causing Sony concern: The expensive PSVR2 set has obviously not reached the desired number of pre-orders, which is why Sony had to halve sales expectations for the first quarter.

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One of the best features of the PS5 is the DualSense controller – the gamepad helps, among other things, to make your gaming experience in Dead Space even more intense:

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