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How much carbon dioxide would be saved by a speed limit on German autobahns? A new report has a clear answer to this question: a maximum of 1.1 million tons of CO₂ per year. However, the Federal Environment Agency came to completely different conclusions.

Opinion: speed limit less effective than expected

In a dispute about a possible Speed ​​limits on German autobahns a new report is available. It was commissioned by the FDP and contradicts the calculations previously carried out by the Federal Environment Agency. The transport economists Alexander Eisenkopf from the Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen and Andreas Knorr from the University of Speyer were involved.

According to the report, a general speed limit of 120 km/h per year save a maximum of 1.1 million tons of CO₂ (Source: MDR). According to a study, the Federal Environment Agency assumes 6.7 million tons per year. According to Bernd Reuther, the transport policy spokesman for the FDP, the study by the Federal Office is deliberately misleading and also unscientific. Professor Thomas Koch from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology had previously criticized the study.

The governing coalition continues to rule Disagreement on a possible speed limit. While the SPD and the Greens are in favor, the FDP remains firmly opposed. Limits of 120 or 130 km/h apply without exception in other EU countries.

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Federal Environment Agency: Speed ​​limit reduces CO₂ emissions

In its own study, the Federal Environment Agency also took into account factors that were either not considered at all or hardly taken into account in older people. A general speed limit could make motorways less attractive overallwhile other means of transport would become more attractive.

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In the older study from 2020, a saving of 2.6 million tons of CO₂ per year was calculated. The more recent one, which also looks at the behavior of drivers, is 6.7 million tons.

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