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In Spotify, you could previously quickly add songs to your favorite songs by pressing the heart symbol on the track. However, the heart symbol disappears. Favorite songs can still be marked afterwards, but it works a little differently.

Spotify indicatesthat it is even easier to collect favorites in a list as a result of the change. By eliminating the heart button, you should save time and be able to manage your favorite songs together with playlists in one go.

Spotify: mark favorite songs

From now on, the music streaming service will combine the function for favorite songs and “add to playlist”. How to mark favorite songs on Spotify without a heart button:

  1. There is one in each title plus button.
  2. The “+” sign has several functions. Once pressed, the song will be saved and added to your Spotify library.
  3. The plus icon changes to a green tick. If you press it again, you can choose how the song should be saved in the library. That’s how you can do it to his favorite songs (“Favorite Songs”) or add it to a desired playlist.

The change does not affect songs, but also podcast episodes and albums. You can now manage any content on Spotify using the “plus” symbol.

Spotify: Plus replaces heart button

If the heart symbol has disappeared, it is not a problem with Spotify. Instead, the function for favorite songs is now hidden behind the “plus” symbol, which also allows you to immediately add tracks to one or more playlists. The change will be available in the Spotify app for Android smartphones and iOS from the end of February 2023 and should be activated for all users in the coming weeks.

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We also show you how to see stats on Spotify and how to share your favorite songs with others.

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