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Scene from Anno 1800.
Strategy hit on Steam: Building game now reduced by 75 percent. (Image Source: Ubisoft / Valve)

A celebrated expansion series is currently back in the Steam charts with a big discount – the popular strategy highlight Anno 1800 is now reduced by a remarkable 75 percent in price.

Almost four years after its release is the Construction hit Anno 1800 on Steam is already a whopping 75 percent reduced in price. Thanks to the massive discount, the game hits the sales charts again straight away. Fans of extensive strategy games can look forward to an exciting campaign, a sandbox mode and multiplayer options.

Anno 1800: 75 percent cheaper on Steam

In Anno 1800 you dive into the era of the Industrial Revolution and have to prove yourself as a ruler in this turbulent age. You can build cities and metropolises, use new technologies and expeditions to unexplored regions plan while always adapting your strategies to the needs of the populace and the tactics of other empires.

Check out the trailer for the strategy highlight Anno 1800 here:

Anno 1800 – Rise of the New World (Trailer)

After more than 5,700 votes, Anno 1800 stands on Steam currently with a very positive rating. If you want to try the strategy hit, now is the perfect opportunity. Thanks to the 75 percent discount, you can play the building game on Steam for 14.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros to back up. The offer is valid until March 9, 2023.


Steam: New releases whirl up charts

With the mega discount, Anno 1800 ends up in the top 10 of the Steam charts – but it’s not quite enough for the top, because it’s made comfortable there for the release of Sons of the Forest. The new survival horror hit is though not the only new release on the Steam charts. In addition to the soulslike Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and the permanent guest Hogwarts Legacy, a tactical sci-fi RPG can also look forward to a strong debut in the top sellers.

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