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Telecom disruption – there are problems here today gameandnews


Storms, construction sites and damage can always cause problems in the Telekom network. GIGA monitors the relevant sources for you and tells you where Telekom is experiencing disruptions in mobile communications, landline networks or the Internet – and when they are likely to be rectified.

Current telecom disruptions – mobile, landline & internet

Here we list the Telekom and T-Mobile disruptions of the last 7 days for you. You will find out when and where the disruption occurred, the reason for it and – if known – when it is expected to end. You can also find announced works here.

Date territories services reason / status
15.2. Frankfurt/Main Cable/DSL: All services disrupted During drilling, a cable was destroyed at a depth of 6 m, which affects all providers in Frankfurt / in progress
10.2. Greater Dusseldorf Landline & mobile: Problems with telephony, internet and MagentaTV Cable damage / work in progress
19.1. nationwide Disturbances when sending and receiving e-mails via T-Online unknown / Fixed

The list contains current and already resolved Telekom faults. We obtain the information from Deutsche Telekom reports in various places on the Internet. Always keep in mind that such problems can usually last for several hours or days. It can take a little longer, especially if cables are damaged and on weekends.

Where can you inform yourself about Telekom disruptions or report them?

  • Telekom maintains an Internet site entitled “Help in the event of faults”. There you can find out the status of current Telekom disruptions, you can report problems yourself and you can also view the status of your reports.
  • Disturbances in the Telekom landline network, the Internet and TV you can under the Number 0800 330 1000 report.
  • At Problems in the Telekom mobile network calls the Number 0800 330 2202 at.
  • At allfaults you can check whether other people have the same problems with the Telekom connection. You can also leave your message here.
  • On the Twitter page “Telkom helps‘ faults are also displayed and sometimes even explained.
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In some cases it can help if you restart your router or cell phone. In some cases, mobile phone interference only affects parts of the telephony and you can still make calls if you deactivate LTE for the period of the problems.

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