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Telekom, o2, Vodafone or 1&1? When it comes to Internet or mobile phone providers, it is an open question as to which is the better choice. But the best brand among the competitors is clear. With its victory, Telekom is not only loosely hanging out with other mobile operators.

Telekom gets the win: No German brand is more valuable

The Telekom is the most valuable brand in Germany. This is the result of a study by market researchers at the Kantar Group. According to this, no other brand in Germany will be more highly regarded in 2023 – and no competitor promises to bring in more money.

The list of the most valuable German brands is actually not weak competition. on the Top 10 places cavort not only in Germany, but world famous names:

  1. Telekom (including T-Mobile)
  2. SAP
  3. Mercedes Benz
  4. bmw
  5. Siemens
  6. DHL
  7. Aldi
  8. Bosch
  9. Adidas
  10. Lidl

This means that Telekom has pushed the previous winner SAP down to second place. With an increase in brand value of 43 percent compared to 2021, the Bonn-based company is making good progress. Kantar charges one for the Telekom brand Worth $67.2 billion. With that alone she stands for 18 percent of the total brand value in Germany.

The most valuable brand among car manufacturers can Mercedes Benz for themselves, which ended up in third place overall and thus just ahead of BMW in fourth place. But not only premium offers such as those from Telekom and the car manufacturer make it among the top German brands. Also Aldi (7th) and Lidl (10th) make it into the top 10 (source: Kantar).

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You may not know these crazy facts about the number 7 in the ranking:

Volkswagen, on the other hand, has to be satisfied with position 13, while Telekom’s only German competitor, 1&1, can only be found in 38th place. It ends up roughly in midfield savings bank in 23rd place. A total of 50 brands were evaluated in the Kantar comparison.

No problem for Telekom: That’s why o2 and Vodafone are not at the start

Vodafone and o2, other Telekom competitors on the German market, do not play a role in this comparison. The British Vodafone Group and Telefónica from Spain as the o2 parent do not appear in the ranking of German brands.

In order to calculate the brand value of the 50 entries, Kantar works with a number of variables: The financial value is calculated, which results from the Portion results that the brand represents in the value of the company as a whole. A portion of this financial value is designated as “Brand Share” where the brand is instrumental in the sales. Both values ​​multiplied result in the brand value. In addition, Kantar conducts surveys among consumers, among other things, in order to collect the data necessary for the calculation.

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