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One of the best sci-fi films of all time and arguably the (second?) best Terminator film returns to cinemas. As part of the “Best of Cinema” series, the classic starring Arnold Schwarzenegger will be shown again in cinemas throughout Germany.

The “Best of Cinema” series is not tied to a specific cinema chain. The classics of film history are therefore available in cinemas from Cinestar, Cinemaxx or UCI-Kinowelt, among others. “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” will be shown on Tuesday April 4, 2023. It remains a one-time event. You can find all the cinemas hereshowing the film.

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Terminator 2 returns to cinemas – you can see the film here

“Best of Cinema” brings a film classic back to the cinema screens in Germany for one day every month. For example, January saw Rambo (First Blood), February continued with Basic Instinct, and March 7 saw Apocalypse Now. You can get tickets for Terminator 2 now secure in advance. If you can’t find the performance on your cinema website via the normal cinema program, look in the online presale under “Special performances”.

The dates of the other “Best of Cinema” films:

  • March 7: Apocalypse Now
  • April 4: Terminator 2
  • May 2: Flash Gordon
  • June 6th: Intoxicated by the deep

“Best of Cinema” in April: Terminator 2 in cinemas

Terminator 2 made its cinema debut on October 24, 1991. In August 2017 there was a return in the 3D edition. The Best of Cinema series will feature the original version of the film.

“Terminator 2: Day of Decision” takes place 10 years after the events of the first part. The film shows what could happen when an artificial intelligence spirals out of control and rebels against its creators, humanity. The chatbot “ChatGPT” has been causing a stir since the end of 2022. This is also an AI-based application. So far, however, the function can only be used for harmless tasks such as text creation and programming codes. But who knows what the future will bring… An apocalyptic vision of what happens when artificial intelligence gets out of control can be seen (again) in Terminator 2 in the cinema. On April 4, the film will be shown in numerous cinemas of large and small chains in Germany.

If you don’t feel like cinema seats or if there is no cinema nearby showing the film, you can put the film on your film shelf as a Blu-ray or DVD. Total there 6 Terminator Movies, whereby the last parts were badly failed by many fans and critics. A seventh part is currently unlikely.

Terminator 2 (Special Edition / Digitally Remastered) [Blu-ray]

Terminator 2 (Special Edition / Digitally Remastered) [Blu-ray]

The price may be higher now. Price as of 3/7/2023 4:26 p.m

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