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The first Terminator movies are among the best sci-fi action movies of all time. In the last sequels, however, the air was getting further and further out. The 6th part, “Terminator: Dark Fate” from 2019 disappointed both fans and critics. How about Terminator 7? Is there still a chance of a new Terminator movie?

Until middle of last year it looked bad for another Terminator movie. Dark Fate did extremely poorly at the box office, grossing far too little to live up to expectations. In late 2022, however, there were rumors that could raise hopes for a new Terminator movie.

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Terminator 7: That says producer James Cameron

In December 2022, the creator of the first Terminator parts, James Cameron, talked about a possible sequel. Cameron recently secured the rights to the franchise and in a podcastwhich was supposed to be about Avatar: The Way of Water, said that at least talked about a resurrection of the science fiction brand becomes. A continuation is therefore possible, even if there are no concrete plans yet.

Cameron wants to move away from the previous films and no longer show the more or less dull struggle between mankind and soulless machines. Instead, with him artificial intelligence more to the fore move. Straight with the current hype about ChatGPT and other AI applications, Cameron should have a wide playground ahead of him that will attract a lot of interest. There are currently no concrete plans or even a targeted release date for Terminator 7.

At YouTube you can find some “trailers” with the title “Terminator 7: End of War”. However, these are not official productions for a sequel, but merely fan projects.

Terminator 7: sequel not excluded

If Terminator 7 is implemented, it will probably not be a direct sequel to the last part. If Terminator 7 is to come, Cameron wants to detach himself from the previous films for the most part and take a completely new path. Even if James Cameron were to be part of a reboot of the Skynet story, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor) are almost impossible to appear again. end of 2022 voiced Cameronthat the two actors from the original Terminator films shouldn’t have appeared in the final sequels. Hamilton and Schwarzenegger’s appearances in “Dark Fate” were said to have been a nice service for fans of the old parts, according to Cameron, but this has blocked access to the film series for younger generations.

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Fans of the series and film fans who want to become one have the opportunity to see “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” again in cinemas in April. As part of the “Best of Cinema” series, the film will be shown in participating cinemas on April 4th.

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