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Audible is one of the most popular audio book services in the world. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that the Amazon subsidiary offers a particularly diverse range of audio books. On the other hand, you can test the service for several months free of charge. We reveal how it works.


You’re getting Audible right now as part of Amazon’s Spring Sale 4 months for only 2.95 euros each (View listing on Amazon). Additionally there is 15 euros credit for the audio book service. However, the promotion is limited in time and ends on April 4, 2023.

Audible for free: what are the options?

  • Basically can all Audible 30 days test free for a long time.
  • For AmazonPrime-Customers are even 60 days.
  • Certain events such as Black Friday, Christmas etc. are sometimes also 3 free months offered.

Although not completely free, but still interesting for one or the other: You can currently also use Audible half a year long for only 4.95 euros per month (instead of the regular 9.95 euros).

To the flexible subscription at Audible

Audible: This is how Amazon’s audio book service works

Unlike direct competitors or music streaming services, you do not have full access to all audiobooks with an active Audible subscription. Instead, you pay 9.95 euros per month and receive credit for an audio book of your choice. With an active subscription, you can also buy additional audiobooks at this price at any time, so you are not limited to one audiobook per month.

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Sounds like a disadvantage at first, but Audible has by far the most extensive range of audio books on the market and numerous exclusive titles. You can also use the received Keep audiobooks even after cancellation. In addition, the app is much better suited for audio book use than the music streamer applications – the reading status is saved, you can even synchronize it with the Kindle app and your Kindle e-book reader if you read the e-book at the same time. There are setting options for the reading speed and much more.

In the following video we show you exactly how Audible works:

Cancel Audible: Here’s how

Who Test Audible If you want, you can usually do this for a month free of charge and get a free audio book in return.

If you no longer feel like subscribing, you can cancel Audible at any time, the audio books are still available even if the subscription is suspended. It may even be possible to take out a new Flexi subscription afterwards, i.e. to continue to benefit from the discounted offer.

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