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Thanks to the Momentum 2 update, Windows 11 users now have free access to the AI ​​version of the Bing search engine. Because the current Bing version is based on GPT-4, you can try out the new AI model for free instead of paying 22.23 euros per month.

updated: So far, to test the new Bing version, you first had to be put on a waiting list and then wait a few days for activation. That seems to have changed now. How Windows Central reported, users can now register to use the new Bing version and will be activated for it immediately.

It remains to be seen whether Microsoft will only offer this option for a short time and reactivate the waiting list at a later date. So if you want to try out the new Bing – and thus also GPT-4 – right away, you should hurry before Microsoft restricts access again.

Normally, the GPT-4 AI model is only available to ChatGPTPlus users, which currently costs the equivalent of 22.23 euros per month in this country. Anyone who uses the new Bing version can save this money.

Windows 11: Bing is based on GPT-4

The AI ​​chatbot ChatGPT is on everyone’s lips right now. The OpenAI tool has recently caused quite a stir within the tech industry, as it opens up completely new possibilities – for private users as well as for corporations and companies.

Recently, developer OpenAI introduced the new AI GPT-4, which is now also used in ChatGPT – but initially only for paying subscribers to ChatGPTPlus. All other users have to continue to be satisfied with the old model, whose answers are less precise.

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But GPT-4 can also be used free of charge – via Microsoft’s search engine Bing, which recently also runs under Windows 11 with AI support. Loud an official blog entry from Microsoft Bing has been based on an early version of GPT-4 for around 5 weeks. Further updates that OpenAI makes to the AI ​​model should also affect Bing.

Furthermore, Microsoft stated that that you will also turn some screws at Bing yourself, so that the functions of the so-called “co-pilot” are as comprehensive as possible. The changes made by Microsoft are primarily based on feedback from users who are already working with the new Bing.

Microsoft provides a brief insight into the use of the new Bing in a video:

The new Bing in Windows 11

This is how you use the new Bing version

If you want to try the new AI version of Bing, can easily register for the official preview.

However, you cannot start immediately after registering. By registering you will only be put on a waiting list. As a rule, however, you will be activated for the preview after a few days.

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