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It will no longer be possible to write sick leave over the phone. (Image source: IMAGO / Lobeca)

March brought new laws and changes for consumers. They concern, among other things, the electricity price brake and the energy flat rate. It is no longer possible to get sick leave over the phone. The last corona test sites are disappearing.

In March: This is coming to consumers

The Corona Test Ordinance has accompanied us for a long time, since February 28, 2023 it finally expired. That has Impact on PCR test sites, for which there has been no approval since March 1st. Close remaining PCR test sites. Anyone who would like to be tested further in March can do so, for example, at their family doctor. Hospitals also continue to offer tests (source: Federal Ministry of Health).

At the one introduced as part of the pandemic telephone sick note there is also an important change. It is only possible until March 31, 2023. Until then, people with symptoms of a respiratory disease can receive a certificate of incapacity for work over the phone. This is issued for a period of up to seven days and can be extended by a further seven days (source: federal government).

New laws on electricity and gas

The electricity price brake comes into force in March. Here, the electricity costs on a Gross price of 40 cents per kilowatt hour, provided that the annual electricity consumption does not exceed 30,000 kilowatt hours. The electricity price brake only applies to 80 percent of annual consumption. Anything above that has to be paid for at the prices charged by the electricity provider (source: federal government).

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A price brake now also applies to gas and district heating, which will also be introduced retrospectively from January 1st. According to the current status, it is expected to apply until April 30, 2024. Gas and district heating customers pay one here capped price of 12 cents per kilowatt hour up to an annual consumption of 1.5 gigawatt hours (source: federal government).


From March 15th, students can Energy flat rate apply in the amount of 200 euros. A BundID account is required for this. The verification runs via an Elster certificate or via the online ID card (source: federal government).

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