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If you currently need a new heating system, it is not easy. Many craftsmen are scheduled for months and cannot do more to install new heating systems. If you want to rebuild right now, then you have to expect long waiting times. But there are still ways you can at least get in touch with a craftsman.

Reach handyman for new heating

If you now want to install a new gas heating system or a heat pump, then you have a bad hand. Even if you have the money and are determined, it is currently primarily the heating engineers who are failing. Craftsmen are in greater demand than they have been for a long time. Either to quickly install gas heating before a possible ban threatens from 2024, or to install a heat pump to break away from fossil fuels.

The order books are full. Not just for a few months, but for over a year. Currently the Waiting time for a new order at least one year, tending to be longer. I asked a well-known heating engineer whose company has full order books until mid-2024. Only heat pumps are installed there in the first place. Gas and oil heating systems are only repaired or serviced.

In order to get a craftsman to install a gas heater or heat pump, you should Don’t pick up the phone or write an email. The companies are currently being overwhelmed by inquiries and usually no longer answer the phone or reply to e-mails. Instead, every worker is used to implement the projects.

There are currently only three ways to get in touch:

  • You know someone who knows someone: You can still turn something about contacts at the moment. That way you could at least get a counseling appointment that isn’t in a year or so and could at best be slotted in when the hardware arrives. In fact, installing a heat pump usually only takes a few days when everything is in place. If it is missing somewhere else, other orders are also inserted. I’m speaking from personal experience when my gas boiler had to be rebuilt. Suddenly it all happened in quick succession because another appointment had been cancelled. So use every advantage you can think of.
  • Driving to work: Many craftsmen no longer answer the phone and do not answer emails, but they usually have opening hours in the company. There you can then present your request directly and at least leave your data so that you can get a consultation appointment in the foreseeable future. That’s how I did it when installing my new apartment door, since no company answered my emails. That doesn’t mean, of course, that you should stalk the craftsmen. Just drop by every now and then and maybe you’ll get lucky.
  • Online portals: If you only search locally, then you limit yourself unnecessarily. Not every craft business is fully utilized. So use online portals such as MyHammer to look for craftsmen there or place orders. This is how you might find the company that can provide you with a new heating system.
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What you should know about the heat pump:


Don’t give yourselves any false illusions

If you need a new heater now, then you should not get false hope that it will be processed quickly. Many people now want to rebuild and are doing so. From next year, 500,000 heat pumps per year are to be installed. There is a shortage of skilled workers in Germany. If there is a ban on new gas and oil heating systems, things will get worse rather than better. However, many companies are looking to the future with confidence because the order books are full and everything is being processed one after the other.

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