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The next summer is coming – and with it the time of heat waves that affect the garden. Regular watering is the be-all and end-all to ensure that the lush green does not turn bone-dry yellow. Starting today, Lidl is offering the right product for exactly that. At 17.99 euros, the price is surprisingly cheap.

Chirping birds, fragrant flowers and sweet bees busily going about their business: a beautiful garden is balm for the soul. But there is also hard work behind the recovery. Above all, watering is annoying, because who wants to be out and about with a garden hose or watering can all the time? Automatic watering can help here. As of today, Lidl is selling an irrigation computer.

Lidl sells irrigation computers for 17.99 euros

Cheap 17.99 euros Lidl wants for Parkside’s watering computer. Alternatives on Amazon often cost more. The irrigation computer dominates overall Six watering schedules ranging from 1 minute to around 10 hours of watering. The rhythm can be set from daily to weekly.

PARKSIDE water computer, with 6 watering schedules

PARKSIDE water computer, with 6 watering schedules

The price may be higher now. Price as of 02/21/2023 04:07

Clever is her manual water extraction at the push of a button. Hobby gardeners don’t have to unscrew the device if they need a little water. The IPX4 splash-proof housing ensures that the irrigation computer does its job even when it is wet. The garden helper is suitable for common water taps with 33.3 mm thread (G1″). An adapter for a 26.5 mm thread (G3/4″) is included in the scope of delivery. Thanks to the click system, the irrigation computer is compatible with common hose systems. Lidl also offers some of these:

The irrigation computer and the hose systems are available from today (February 20th) at Lidl branches. Alternatively, also in the online shop, but then shipping costs of 4.95 euros will be added.

How well do you know Lidl?

Aldi offers LED orientation lights

Competitor Aldi also has new promotional items starting today. The discounter offers an LED orientation light for just EUR 7.99. Ideally, stumbling in the dark is a thing of the past.

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