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With the Eurovision Song Contest in the starting blocks, the candidates of the participating countries are now being unveiled one by one. Clear favorites are already emerging. We have selected the most popular songs for you.

Are there favorites for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023?

Do you look at the Youtube channel of the ESC, A diverse picture emerges from the views of the candidates that have already been published. While some songs are still struggling to reach 100,000 views, others are already scratching the 2 million mark.

Of course, clicks alone are not an indication that the song is a favorite, as the scandal surrounding the Polish contribution impressively shows. On top of that a Countries with a larger population could also more easily accumulate large numbers of views.

Because of this we have In addition to the views, the comments on the videos are also included and worked out the favorites from them. Unfortunately, not many statements about favorites can be found apart from YouTube, which is why we mainly refer to this platform.

By doing this, we were able to find these 7 favorites:

  • Austria
  • Israel
  • Netherlands
  • Finland
  • Spain
  • Croatia
  • Norway

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Evelina Walkenbach

Austria kills Ed

The Austrian contribution “Who the hell is Edgar?” has only a few views compared to the other contributions with 600,000, but he was able to collect them within 2 days. Mainly because of the swipes against the music industry and how difficult it is for women there, this song enjoys great popularity. At the same time he offers the listeners a lot of catchy tunes with his refrain.

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Israel present their unique unicorn

Similar to Austria, Israel’s song “Unicorn” quickly became a big hit (850,000 hits within one day). The viewers are particularly enthusiastic about them stylistic diversity, presented by singer Noa Kirel in this song. Above all, viewers from Azerbaijan and Turkey awarded their 12 points in the comments.

Netherlands – The ESC psychologists

That’s what the Dutch contribution is called in the comments, because the country has been sending songs into the race for several years deal with the difficult times in life. This is also reflected in the comments. This makes this post another favorite despite the smaller number of clicks (800,000 within 8 days).

Finland dances its way into hearts

Can you dance Cha Cha Cha to the song of the same name? In any case, it goes straight into the viewers’ ears, which is well proven by the 1.5 million views within 2 weeks. The eponymous “Cha Cha Cha” is celebrated by many viewers as particularly catchy. The fact that the song is sung entirely in Finnish is also positively highlighted.

Spain sings about its roots

At least the comments of the 1.8 million click video suggest that. The many international comments like to point out that this Mixture of tradition and modernity very appealing.

Croatia lets mom speak

With 2.5 million hits, the song “Mama ŠČ!” has the second most clicks of this year’s ESC. The reason for this quickly becomes apparent: an absurdly staged performance with catchy hooks. In addition, the Text from language neighbors such as Poland also understood can be. According to the comments, the content of the song also inspires.

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Norway sends the Shieldmaiden into battle

The Norwegian song “Queen of Kings” is the undisputed number 1 in terms of clicks. The 3 million clicks are probably the most pleasing about the Viking vibes that the song exudes. In combination with that feminist text, which also reflects this culture, the result is a song that the commentators regard as “typically Norwegian” and love.

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