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ChatGPT not only answers every question, but also writes you any desired text. This is also exploited for online dating – to the chagrin of the unsuspecting matches.

ChatGPT on Tinder: A love poem from the chatbot

ChatGPT is currently on everyone’s lips: OpenAI’s chatbot has been met with great enthusiasm since it was released in November 2022. If you have created an account, you will find an answer to everything at ChatGPT (correctness and creativity are left open). It is therefore hardly surprising that the chatbot is also being used more and more in online dating.

Our Desired colleague Lena Zimmer recently in her article described that more and more dating app users let ChatGPT generate messagesto post the match. Also the site draws attention to this problem and uses TikTok reels to show how far communication with ChatGPT has already gone. For example, the TikToker “Tinder Veteran” had ChatGPT write a poem for his Tinder match, a woman who is over 1.80 meters tall. As he shows in his video and through the Tinder chat, his match was touched by receiving a poem – not knowing it came from ChatGPT. Her response to the lyrics was, “Oh my god. I have never met a man who wrote a poem for me. This is so cute. Oh my god I love it.”

Tinder Veteran has titled his TikTok “The Future of Tinder” – however, the use of chatbots in online dating is not new: Tinder users have already used bots in the past, to swipe and message for them. But with the help of the easily accessible ChatGPT, it is foreseeable that this will take place on a larger scale in the future.

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human or machine? – How to unmask the chatbot

Precisely because you can use ChatGPT for matching messages Facts about his match can feed, it is not always easy for the other person to recognize the chatbot. Nevertheless, Desired gives some tips on how to tell if you are currently typing.

That’s how it is reaction time crucial: If the answer follows immediately after your message, it may be AI-generated, since chatbots react quickly. Additionally it is noticeable when news generic and superficial sound. To that end, it can help to ask the match an unusual question to see how they respond. Also pay attention to how the communication feels: Does it seem very exemplary, almost unnatural? Are emoji rare or missing completely? These can be signs that there is a machine behind the news.

While these tips aren’t 100% sure, they’re helpful guides. Listen to your gut feeling: If you find interacting with your match funny, address it. On the other hand, if you are considering using ChatGPT to communicate with your match, then ask yourself the opposite question: How would you feel if you knew that the messages from your match came from a chatbot?

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OkCupid officially uses ChatGPT

But not only users of dating apps use ChatGPT, dating platforms are already working with the AI ​​system. For example OkCupid: The dating app is characterized by the fact that dates come closer to each other through various questions.

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Now the company has used ChatGPT to find more such generate dating questions (Source: Mashable). These are, for example: Are you more introverted or extroverted? Are you more of a morning person or a night person? How do you like to spend your weekend? So, inevitably, chatbots like ChatGPT will become a big part of the online dating world, be it on the user or corporate side.

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