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A new version of Google Chrome is available. Not only have 15 security holes been patched here, but two interesting functions have also been added. A completely new energy-saving mode for notebooks is included and the main memory is also used less.

Google Chrome: Browser with energy-saving mode

Google’s Chrome browser version 110 is now available to download for Windows 10 and 11, macOS and Chromebooks. Installing the update is worthwhile in any case, because the developers have both closed security gaps and worked on new functions. It looks particularly interesting new energy saving mode for notebooks. The battery should be used less here, which saves electricity and money.

Google had the power saving mode already announced in December 2022but only version 110 brings it into circulation (source: Google blog The Keyword). Once activated, the browser reduces, among other things, visual effects such as smooth scrolling, but also background activities. In addition, the frame rate is reduced when playing videos.

Users can configure the energy saving mode so that it is always active when the notebook is not connected to the mains. Alternatively, he can also when the battery level is less than 20 percent switch on automatically. The economy mode can be found in the browser settings under the menu item Performance.

In addition to the actual energy saving mode, Google also has one Memory saving mode introduced. Active tabs are prioritized while tabs running in the background are put into a sleep mode. According to Google, up to 40 percent less memory is used in this way. The function was designed for less powerful computers.

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Old hardware can be breathed new life into with Google’s Chrome OS Flex:

Chrome browser plugs 15 security vulnerabilities

In addition to the new energy-saving modes, the developers have also taken care of the security of the browser. According to their own information, 15 security holes have been removed, some of which second highest risk potential assigned by Google owned.

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