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For years, companies like Razer and Microsoft Xbox have not only made the usual gaming accessories. Razer has been working on a toaster for years, Microsoft Xbox offers fans a refrigerator, but contrary to this, the next device with the iconic “X” will be really hot.

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series Toaster: Pictures cause a stir

Microsoft Xbox already offers a refrigerator in the form of the Xbox Series X, but its little sister, the Xbox Series S, has been left out in terms of kitchen appliances until now. That could change soon, because on the French site Tally are now Images of an Xbox-style toaster surfaced.

The example images show a device with several functions: 800 watts of power, space for two slices of toast, six different browning levels and three different modes. Now that’s not unusual, but for this device Microsoft wants it about 60 euros have. By the way, there is no official information and pictures for the market launch of the toaster from Microsoft – the previous information should therefore be treated with caution.

Who is actually ahead? Xbox Series X|S or PlayStation 5? You have a clear opinion on this:

Xbox Series X: what does the fridge actually offer?

What started as a meme, Microsoft made Xbox a reality. Launched in 2021, the Xbox mini fridge is a handy addition for gamers and those who work a lot on the PC.

The device grasps up to 12 beverage cans and also features two storage compartments for cool snacks like candy bars and other goodies. LEDs and a USB interface on the front for charging smartphones, controllers or other electronic devices complete the picture.

Shortly after the release, scalpers who tried to make a good profit from the sale of the devices could not hold back here either. You can now get the Xbox mini fridge for around 130 euros from Amazon.

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