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A Lidl branch in Düsseldorf Grafenberg (Image source: GIGA).

With the temperatures rising again, insects are also celebrating their annoying comeback. Those who don’t want to share their four walls with the little tormentors often reach for a fly swatter or a rolled-up newspaper. But that doesn’t have to be the case: an everyday helper from Lidl is the animal-loving alternative and costs only 2.99 euros.

Anyone who has paid attention in biology class knows: insects are useful. The small animals are a fundamental part of the ecosystem and keep nature in balance. So much for the theory. In practice, however, many people panic when a spider or cockroach sits on the living room wall. For such cases, Lidl now has the right product on offer.

Lidl sells insect catchers for 2.99 euros

An insect catcher will be sold at Lidl from Monday (March 27, 2023). (Image source: Lidl)

Because instead of grabbing a fly swatter and killing the insects, you can get them out of your four walls alive – with an insect catcher. The model of the brand “Livarno Home” is offered by Lidl from today (Monday, March 27, 2023) at the low price of 2.99 euros at.

Who does not know: An insect catcher works in principle like the well-known method with glass and paper, only combined in one handy device. The little animal is first caught in a container and can then be released back into the wild. The insect catcher from Lidl measures 28 x 5 cm and can therefore be carried comfortably with one hand.

With a price of 2.99 euros, the offer at the food discounter is attractive. Comparable products, for example, can easily cost three times as much or even more on Amazon, such as the Snappy model (view on Amazon).

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How well do you know Lidl?

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