These German cities will cost you days of your life gameandnews

Nobody likes to be stuck in traffic. But how much time you lose there depends very much on where you often travel. While Germany’s worst city comes as little surprise to drivers, there are also some unexpected entries in the top 10.


Traffic jam chaos: Berliners are hit the hardest, but Munich wait longer

People spend a good third of their lives sleeping. Work eats up most of the day. What remains then, you actually want to use for beautiful things. But traffic jams often spoil this plan, especially in the capital: Compared to Germany, Berlin is the leader in terms of traffic chaosas a Evaluation of Inrix has revealed.

The analysts from the USA have international congestion times compared and come along for the German capital to 71 hours, that Berliners had to spend uselessly in their cars in 2022. But the top 10 still has a few surprises in store:

  1. Berlin with 71 hours
  2. Munich with 74 hours
  3. Hamburg with 56 hours
  4. Potsdam with 55 hours
  5. Leipzig with 46 hours
  6. Darmstadt with 47 hours
  7. Freiburg with 43 hours
  8. Cologne with 38 hours
  9. Bremen with 40 hours
  10. Nuremberg with 40 hours

A glance at place 2 already shows that Inrix weighs the list: It is not just a matter of the time lost in traffic jams, the size of the cities is also taken into account. Therefore lands Berlin before Munichalthough car drivers 3 hours longer in the Bavarian capital stuck in traffic. In the previous year, Munich was still in first place. In TomTom’s comparison with the previous year, however, Hamburg was ahead.

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Nevertheless, not only the major German cities are represented: Potsdam in 4th place is likely to suffer from its proximity to Berlin. With Darmstadt, Freiburg and Nuremberg but there are also a few candidates who unfortunately made it to the top places on their own.

The German average for 2022 is 40 hours exactly the same as last year. Overall, Inrix has not yet seen a return to pre-pandemic levels.

International comparison: Traffic jam analysis excludes Asia

Worldwide is in the negative ranking London ahead. Drivers in the British capital lost 156 hours in traffic jams in 2022. Chicago is the worst in the US. With 155 hours in stationary traffic, the Windy City came in second.

Standing in a traffic jam is no fun in an e-car either, but at least customers are now getting more and more choice:

However, the international comparison lags behind: Inrix considers this in the current report no Asian countries. Megacities like Mumbai in India or Beijing in China are likely to be affected by the traffic chaos just as badly as London.

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