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Using the app to fill up at Shell is cheaper. (Image source: IMAGO / mix1)

By March 26, 2023, drivers will no longer have to pay full price at many Shell petrol stations. You get a discount of 3 cents per liter. The lower price is granted up to a volume of 70 liters. An app and barcode must be presented at the checkout.

Shell: Rossmann app offers tank discount

Even if the prices at the gas station have calmed down a bit in comparison, there can be no talk of really cheap petrol and diesel in Germany. All the better if motorists can at least lower the prices a little with a small tank discount. For this she has Drugstore chain Rossmann just started a new campaign. It is carried out in cooperation with Shell.

To get the tank discount, customers basically just need to do the Rossmann app installed on their smartphone. It is available free of charge for both Android phones and iPhones. Then you drive to one of the participating Shell gas stations and fill up as usual.

Here is the Rossmann app for Android:

Rossmann - Coupons & Offers

Rossmann – Coupons & Offers

Dirk Rossmann GmbH

iPhone owners can get the app from Apple:



Dirk Rossmann GmbH – Drugstore

Then at the checkout opened the app and presented a barcode. This can be found in the action area of ​​the app. The barcode is scanned by staff and drivers pay 3 cents less than usual per liter of petrol or diesel fuel (source: Rossman).

The discount will up to a quantity of 70 liters per tank filling granted. Important: There is no tank discount when paying via Shell SmartPay or with the Shell Card. The promotion cannot be combined with the Shell price guarantee or the Shell-V-Power-SmartDeal either.

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It is also cheap with our refueling app:

Tank discount at Shell until March 26th

The Rossmann action can be seen in the period between March 1st and March 26th, 2023 to use. As always, drivers should remember that the price of fuel can vary significantly depending on the time and day. Current prices can be easily viewed via our refueling app.

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