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How do iPhone users ultimately decide when faced with a choice? Which color of Apple cell phone will win the race for you in the end? The result is surprising, because the wealthy Pro users unexpectedly choose a rather atypical color.


The market researchers from CIRP wanted to know exactly and asked iPhone users in the past Christmas quarter which color of Apple cell phone they had chosen (source: CIRP via 9to5Mac).

Surprise at the iPhone color choice

Historically, people have tended to prefer muted tones and prefer less color, but of all buyers who opted for an iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max, love it a lot more colorful than the rest of Apple’s clientele.

The results in detail. (Image source: CIRP)

The choice is striking, far ahead of all other colors “dark purple”. A total of 42 percent of users opted for the rather unusual coloring. Apple’s marketing probably works quite well, after all “dark purple” is the manufacturer’s “signature color”, which is prominently and preferably advertised on the official product images. Gold and black follow fairly evenly with 24 and 23 percent respectively. Far behind, however, silver with only 11 percent.

But also the buyers of the regular models (iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus) like it colourful, even if the colors are distributed much more homogeneously. The heller comes in 1st place shade of blue (27 percent), but behind it it’s already getting darker – “midnight” accounts for 26 percent. What is striking: the lightest shade is again the most unpopular; only 12 percent of users choose “Polarstern”. Even those who buy an iPhone SE or an iPhone 13 are less likely to use similarly bright colors.

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Apple’s current portfolio:

It gets darker with age

Speaking of the iPhone SE, iPhone 13 (mini) and iPhone 12, the “world is back in order” because, as expected, it is here Black again trumps and by far the number 1 color. But why is this so?

Our guess: Those who still use the older models are probably more of a conservative saver. A dark shade should be easier to get to the woman or man than an overly bright color at the latest when it is resold. On the other hand, if you buy an absolutely new model, you pay less attention to the euro and sometimes treat yourself to your favorite color.

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