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It’s getting serious for Apple and the Apple Watch, because of all people, US President Joe Biden makes a momentous decision against an extra sausage for the iPhone manufacturer. An impending ban on selling the Apple Watch is not off the table, but could soon become reality.


In the USA, Apple has been confronted with various patent lawsuits by the company “AliveCor” for some time. They see their patents being violated by Apple and the Apple Watch. As is well known, the iPhone manufacturer sees this differently and has now been able to obtain in court that three of the patents in question be declared invalid. However, this is not yet legally binding, as “AliveCor” has appealed. But also the enforcement of Ban on selling the Apple Watch is therefore still pending.

Apple Watch in danger: US President does not oppose sales ban

The legal basis for a sales ban with the so-called “Limited Exclusion Order” has meanwhile been issued by the ITC. The White House received it in December because the US President has the option of a veto – so Biden could support or block the decision. Now Joe Biden chose the first option. The So the US President would not block a sales ban (caused by an import ban). and lever out (source: AppleInsider).

Worth noting: Former US President Barack Obama ruled differently in a similar case in 2013. At that time, it concerned a possible import ban for iPhones and iPads as part of the patent dispute between Samsung and Apple. Obama then vetoed the ITC decision.

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Now, however, Apple cannot rely on an extra sausage from the US government. Should there be a legally binding ban on the sale of the Apple Watch, the US President will not veto it.

This is what the patent dispute is about, the ECG function of the Apple Watch:

Apple video: How to take an EKG on the Apple Watch Series 4

However, the US President’s decision has not yet had any direct effect, since it is still about the Calling AliveCor must be decided. They appear confident and combative. AliveCor CEO Priya Abani said in a statement to AppleInsider colleagues, “We applaud President Biden for upholding the ITC’s decision and for holding Apple accountable for infringing on the patents underlying our industry-leading ECG technology.” draws.”

What does this mean for German customers?

A possible sales ban on the Apple Watch in the USA would initially have no direct impact on German customers. However, if Apple can no longer sell an important product on its home market, this would certainly have an impact on general product development. One indirect impairment on the local clientele could not be ruled out.

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