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Changes are pending at Audi. (Image source: IMAGO / snowfieldphotography)

Audi is apparently planning the next step in the course of the switch to electric cars. This initially affects two existing models with combustion engines. But things are also happening away from the A4 and A6. The renaming should create more clarity for the future.

Audi changes: These models get a new name

Those responsible at Audi have probably come up with the plan to create clearer conditions when naming their models in the future. First, two popular and well-known cars from Ingolstadt are touched and given a new name: The A4 will become the A5, the A6 will become the A7.

The voice of Heilbronn learned this from internal sources at Audi (via Accordingly, the chair back in the choice of name has a simple reason: Audi decided internally that Assign numbers according to drive type. Even numbers in the model designation should therefore in the future stand for e-cars, as is already the case with the Q4 or Q8 e-tron.

The new Q6 e-tron, which Audi is due to present this year, will follow the same line. Behind the odd numbers According to the voice of Heilbronn, in the future the Vehicles with internal combustion engines hide. According to the information, the A5 and A7 in their current form will probably not have any real successors as combustion engines.

Not only Audi is threatened by tough competition from China:

Does Audi still need the e-tron?

In any case, petrol and diesel engines should no longer have a long future at Audi. New models could no longer appear with combustion engines in Europe from 2026. By 2033, Audi intends to complete the switchover, meaning that it will no longer offer any petrol or diesel engines that are already familiar.

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However, the plans allow for another assumption: if in future it will be clear from the number whether an Audi is an electric car or a combustion engine, could the suffix e-tron for the electric cars become superfluous. Mercedes probably wants to do something similar with the electric cars from the EQ series.

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