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After weeks of back and forth, one thing is certain: Amazon is raising the minimum order value and making backdoor orders a little more expensive. It is now also clear what additional costs customers are prepared for. must. But that’s not the only change apparently afoot at Amazon.


Amazon raises minimum order value to 39 euros

The minimum order value for free delivery on Amazon immediately increases to 39 euros per order. If you don’t reach this limit, you have to pay shipping costs – and place the order with it effectively more expensive for you. Whether you buy a little more to get over 39 euros or pay for shipping, Amazon gets more money either way.

Explaining the change, the shipping giant said: “We didn’t take the decision to raise the free shipping cap lightly. In fact, this is the first adjustment since 2017 in Germany. However, like any company, we regularly review our pricing structure and adjust it if necessary. We implement these changes to our shipping fee structure because of the general increase in delivery costs order that result from external circumstances over which we have no control” (source: Caschy’s blog).

So instead of being forced to pay more per item, you’ll be guided with gentle pressure to just buy more. Amazon either compensates for rising delivery costs with the new minimum order value or you do gains new Prime members, who want to save the shipping costs. Then Amazon earns more from the membership fee. Because the minimum order value for free deliveries only applies if you do not have a Prime membership. Deliveries are still included there (see Prime membership on Amazon).

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Prime membership offers you these advantages:


The change had been announced for a few weeks. Amazon initially introduced the higher minimum order value for a short time, then the adjusted delivery conditions disappeared from the website again. When asked, Amazon had explained that the deviating information that had been displayed in the meantime was incorrect. It is now clear: The timing was wrong.

New at Amazon: 180 days return period officially coming soon?

It could be similar with the return period cautious: Amazon recently increased the number of days for some customers from 30 to 180 days. In comments on this, there is currently still talk of an error. We’ll see if there’s more to it than that.

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