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There are usually various ways to receive financial benefits from your health insurance company: be it for health apps, sports courses or fitness trackers. We will show you which advantages you can use.

Digital health applications: health apps on prescription

You can trust these state-approved apps

There are many apps that you can use to do something for your health. Since 2020 you can use these so-called “Digital Health Applications (DiGA)” claim from your health insurance company (source: Many of the applications support you with one healthy and fit lifestyle and keep it to yourself important appointments or taking medication in view. There are also medical apps that support you in treating an illness and evaluate body values. To identify the medical support, these applications usually have a CE mark.

On the side of Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) you find one Directory to the DiGA. With this selection, you can be sure that the BfArM has checked the individual applications in terms of security, data protection and effectiveness. The overview lists digital offers, for example, for respiratory or digestive problems, for heart and circulatory system, for metabolic diseases, mental illnesses (depression, panic disorder, sleep disorder) and much more. You can also filter by platform (Android, iOS, web application) as well as by language and age groups.

Since the beginning of 2023, your sick note has been sent digitally to the health insurance companies. You can find out more about this in our video:

This is how the reimbursement works without a prescription

If you choose an app that is on the list, you already have a good chance that your health insurance will cover the costs. Likewise, your treating doctor can, at his or her own discretion Issue DiGA on prescription for you, which you forward to the statutory health insurance company. It is important that the use of a DiGA is recommended for your diagnosis. To that end, the smoking cessation app “Smoke Free” has been available on prescription since January 2023 (source: press portal). With this you can document your experiences on the way to a smoke-free life and receive helpful tips if you wish for a cigarette. In addition, it is your task to keep a virtual dragon alive, which also distracts you from the cigarette.

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However, it is also possible to get support for one of the apps directly from the health insurance company – justifying treatment documents are helpful for this. If you have been able to successfully get your request through the health insurance company, you will finally a code sentwhich you can use to download the respective app for free.

From AOK to Techniker: Bonus programs from your health insurance company

Use the fitness offers of your health insurance company

In addition to the state-sponsored apps, you also have the opportunity to Online offers from your health insurance company to perceive or to get external apps supported (source: Just check whether your health insurance company offers its own health applications: DAK insurance offers online fitness coaching and a headache app and the costs for the smoke-free app.Non smoking heroes“ are accepted. The Barmer, on the other hand, supports the apps Pelvinawhich promotes pelvic floor training, and 7min for more mindfulness in everyday life.

The same applies to sports offers: not only face-to-face courses are supported by the health insurance, but also online hours. A subscription to Gymondo, for example, can also be subsidized by health insurance. On the online platform you will numerous workouts and fitness programs offered.

Are you often active outside? Then we have some gadgets for you that should not be missing in outdoor activities:

As you can see, you can save money cleverly with health insurance. Just look which one Bonus programs and promotions your health insurance offers. This is usually explained directly and easily on the website or in the app. If you are considering changing your health insurance company, you can do so via the website not only compare the insurances of your choice, but register directly for your desired tariff.

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Financial support for fitness trackers and smartwatches

You probably already know them Bonus programs of your health insurance company: In addition to health checks, sporting activities are also rewarded. With Techniker Krankenkasse you can run 60,000 steps or cycle 40 kilometers and answer fitness questions in the TK-Fit app within 12 weeks to collect 1,000 bonus points (source: If you have collected enough points, you can use them, for example for health courses, gym or fitness tracker redeem.

Fitness tracking also pays off at the AOK: you keep 50 bonus points a day for 10,000 steps or half an hour of exercise a day (source: OK). You can up to 750 bonus points per month collect. You can then redeem the points for sports accessories or children’s toys.

Generally they can Subsidies from various health insurance companies vary: Within the bonus program, for example, DAK Gesundheit supports the purchase of an Apple Watch or a fitness tracker with 500 euros. Continentale BKK is 380 euros and the Bergische Krankenkasse is 300 euros (you can find more information at

If you are looking for the right fitness tracker for you, we have a suitable selection for you here:

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