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“Come my lady, come-come my lady, you’re my butterfly, sugar baby” – the song was hard to ignore in the early 2000s. The band “Crazy Town” benefited from the “Nu Metal” wave of the time and landed a worldwide chart hit with “Butterfly”. In the meantime it has become quiet around the metal hip hoppers. What’s up with Crazy Town today?

In Germany, “Butterfly” was at the top of the charts for 19 weeks. Later songs and albums could not build on the over-hit. Even the follow-up single “Revolving Door” lagged far behind “Butterfly” in terms of sales. After the rocket-like upswing, the band crashed properly. But Crazy Town still exists today.

Crazy Town today: This is what Shifty Shellshock 2023 looks like & this is how it sounds

Singer Shift Shellshock (Seth Binzer) had almost everything a real rock star needed at the time: piercings, tattoos, baggy pants and bleached, bleached hair. In the meantime, however, the former heartthrob no longer looks like he did in the video for “Butterfly”. His voice certainly doesn’t sound the same as it did back then. This is how it sounds when the super hit 2023 is sung:

In the video it cannot be overlooked that the rapper is marked by life. What happened to Shifty Shellshock? Even at the heyday of Crazy Town, the singer struggled with drugs. In 2001 he confessed in an interview with Rolling Stone, having spent three months in a detention center for drug trafficking and theft. 2008 was he part of the TV show “Celebrity Rehab”where celebrities make their drug withdrawal public. In 2012 he was even in a coma. After his public appearance on Celebrity Rehab, Shellshock was in two more seasons of “Sober House‘, a spin-off show where celebs are also trying to get their drug addiction under control.

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It’s no secret: the hit song is based on a sample originally heard in the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ song “Pretty Little Dirty” (1989). You can listen to the Crazy Town classic here:

And this is how the template sounds:

What are Crazy Town doing today (2023)?

The second frontman from the successful period, Epic Mazur, was less turbulent. No drug excesses are known of him. After the successful album “The Gift of Game” the successor “Darkhorse” was released in 2002. They used harder tones than the predecessor, but could not build on the past successes at all. Former guitarist Rust Epique left the band shortly after the release of the hit album. In 2004 he was found dead.

The Gift Of Game [Explicit]

The Gift Of Game [Explicit]

The price may be higher now. Price as of 3/15/2023 11:02 am

A year earlier, the other members decided to dissolve Crazy Town. After that, Epic Mazur mainly worked as a music producer for other bands, while Shift Shellshock tried his hand at a solo career. In the years that followed, there were repeated meetings and plans for a new Crazy Town album, which was to be released in 2008 under the name “Crazy Town is Back” (source: Despite some live performances, however, no new record has been released. Instead there was with the sudden Death of former band DJ DJ AM 2009 another stroke of fate around the former occupation.

Crazy Town today: “New” song released in 2020

Only in 2015 could the long comeback plans finally be implemented. With “The Brimstone Sluggers” a new Crazy Town album was released. Before that, there was an extensive tour, including appearances at Rock am Ring and Rock im Park in 2014. But the album also went unnoticed by many. Things didn’t get quiet around Crazy Town after the release either. Epic Mazur announced 2017 at Facebook announced his departure from the revived band. He was followed by other band members Rick Dixon, Nick Diiorio and Kevin Kapler.

The only remaining band member Shifty Shellshock brought in new musicians and changed the band name to “Crazy Town X”. According to the rapper, the “X” is supposed to indicate a gang symbol that stands for victory in a gang fight for territory (source: answer to a user question at Instagram). New song material from “Crazy Town X” was heard in 2020 in the song “The Life I Chose” with Hyro The Hero.

On Instagram, Shifty, who now only calls himself “Mr. Shift”, insights into his private life.

There he states that he now leads a life without drugs and alcohol. In 2021 he was featured in a remix of his own hit song produced by TikTok star Ekoh (source: In 2022 the band was on an extensive US tour. There are currently no plans for concerts in Europe.

Martin Maciej

Crazy Town has always been one of my Guilty Pleasures. The latest video is a bit crass, but it’s nice that Shifty is still active, doing his thing and seems to have gotten off drugs too. The (not so) new song with Hyro The Hero is definitely catchy.

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