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Do you like role-playing and are you looking for a new fantasy world? Then you should definitely keep an eye on the upcoming social sandbox MMORPG Pax Dei. We’ll tell you the first details.

New role-playing hit: Pax Dei should conquer MMO fan hearts

At the beginning of May, the Mainframe Industries studio announced the upcoming online role-playing game, which thanks to the Unreal Engine 5 obviously not only looks very pretty, but should also welcome you with an extremely extensive crafting system. In the fantasy world, for example, a gigantic modular system awaits you, with which you can either work alone or together with friends found a whole village or even cities can.

As befits a real MMORPG, this one awaits you world inspired by the Middle Ages of course also magic and monsters that will present you with challenges. Especially in the dangerous outdoor areas, the developer promises you particularly good loot for your courage.

A lore about Pax Dei is not yet known, but religion should play a role. Alliances, trade and even war will also keep you from getting bored. In the end, it’s up to you whether you want to compete with others in PvP or not.

Get an impression of the game in the first video:

Pax Dei: A longtime dream of the developer

In the announcement video, developer Mainframe Industries emphasizes that with the release of the game a 20-year dream come true goes. For Game Director Reynir Hardasson, this online role-playing game’s primary concern is “to maximize human interaction in a meaningful way.”

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It is not yet known when Pax Dei will appear. It is said to be playable on multiple platforms including PC (Watch now on Steam). Furthermore, it was designed from the start to be playable via cloud streaming on devices of all kinds – that is, the online role-playing game also seems to be suitable for traveling.

If you want to try it, you can already sign up for the closed one alpha phase apply and thus support the developer with feedback (source: Mainframe Industries).


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