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You can simply pull the LighCycle S1 from Jackery behind you and thus generate energy. (Image source:Jackery/ADesignAward)

Jackery is one of the most famous manufacturers of solar generators. However, the company does not want to limit itself to classic energy generation with solar panels. Other ideas are also being developed that look a bit strange at first, but could be a lifesaver in an emergency.

Jackery LighCycle S1: Generate electricity with movement

Jackery has been offering solar generators and suitable accessories for a long time, which are constantly being further developed. Energy can now be generated and stored very quickly using solar panels. But the sun doesn’t always shine, so Jackery is working on alternatives. The Jackery Air-W is a wind turbine that generates energy. With the LighCycle S1 comes a crazy idea. Basically it is about a power station as a roller that you pull behind you to generate energywhich is stored in a battery:

The Jackery LighCycle S1 generates energy through movement (Image source: Jackery/ADesignAward)

The You can imagine how it works like a dynamo on a bicycle. As soon as the wheel is in motion, energy is generated. The battery is installed inside and thus stores the energy produced directly. The whole system is self-contained and you can connect the devices that need to be powered directly to it. The production of electricity for on the go also works when the sun is not shining or the wind is not blowing. The exact details of the performance and how much energy is actually produced are not yet known. The same applies to price and availability.

Jackery solar generators are very popular

Jackery has launched many different solar generators and continues to develop more products and accessories that are being improved. For example, solar panels that can catch the sun on both sides. Solar generators are becoming more and more powerful and can be charged in 2 hours with solar cells. We can expect many more innovations, because many people want to become a little more independent.

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