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Spoiled for choice: With shuffle, Netflix wanted to protect its viewers from just that. However, after around two years, the streaming provider is removing the feature again.


Aldi has known for a long time that too much choice can kill people. That is why the discounter offers a manageable range of goods: not a hundred types of jam are waiting for the fickle customer, but only a handful. Netflix also wanted to make the agony of choice easier for its viewers and introduced it about two years ago shuffle a. But that’s the end of it.

Netflix stops shuffle

It’s been a few weeks now Function no longer available. The end of random playback has only now been confirmed Wall Street Journal request. The reason for the setting: low usage figures. Too few Netflix viewers have made use of the feature. A company spokeswoman explains that they would rather head to the streaming provider with a specific series, film or genre in mind.

That means in plain language: Netflix customers prefer to remain their own program director and don’t let any algorithm in front of you.

Netflix viewers can expect exciting films this year:

Netflix Movies 2023 English Trailer

Netflix wants extra fee for password sharing

Given the other challenges Netflix is ​​currently facing, the end of shuffle is a side note at best. The biggest chunk on Netflix’s own to-do list is the end of the popular password sharing. In the future, this should only be against one extra charge to be possible.

Netflix has not yet communicated the costs for Germany, but in Spain Netflix customers have to pay 5.99 euros on the table. In Spain, Netflix charges the same subscription prices as in Germany. It is therefore likely that the Spanish extra fee for password sharing will be transferred 1:1 to the Federal Republic.

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