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Simulation fans can currently grab a real highlight on Steam at a greatly reduced price. The acclaimed game Transport Fever 2 is currently a whopping 50 percent cheaper and thus also stands out in the top seller charts.

The first entry in the Transport Fever series was able to win over simulation fans in the Steam community. With Transport Fever 2, publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment followed suit in 2019 and landed another success that you can now tell Convince yourself at the best price can. The transport simulation is currently reduced in price by 50 percent on Steam.

Transport Fever 2: Simulation on Steam 50 percent cheaper

In Transport Fever 2 you can design and build your own infrastructure network on land, sea and in the air. With trains, buses, trucks, ships and planes you can transport people as well as goods and goods and thus advance progress. In addition, the game offers you various historical logistic challenges that you have to overcome.

Check out the Transport Fever 2 launch trailer below:

Transport Fever 2 – Launch Trailer

Transport Fever 2 is a real hit on Steam – with almost 16,000 votes cast the simulator on a very positive rating. Currently you can secure the game for 19.99 euros instead of 39.99 euros on Steam. The offer is valid until March 16, 2023.

Transport Fever 2

Transport Fever 2

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Steam charts: Simulation hit climbs high

In the Steam charts, Transport Fever 2 celebrate a real surprise success and goes straight to rank 3 thanks to the discount. Only the celebrated survival horror Sons of the Forest and the free shooter classic Counter-Strike: GO land before that.

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Also high up in the top seller list is the new and rather strange genre mix Contraband Police – a mixture of shooter and simulation that puts you in the role of Soviet border police officers.

The new version of a popular sci-fi RPG, on the other hand, experiences a real release disaster on Steam:

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