Twitch star Asmongold falls for fake anime girl gameandnews

Well-known Twitch streamer Asmongold was fooled by a VTuber, much to the delight of his community. We explain how the misunderstanding came about and why the streamer was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

VTuber misleads popular Twitch streamer

YouTube and Twitch have spawned many big streamers, but not every streamer wants to show themselves in front of the camera. Alternatively, you simply leave out the cam or you create an avatar. These virtual images usually look like anime characters and are called VTubers.

By the way, this is not a side issue, but a whole world of its own! There are even agencies like Hololive Production that only manage VTubers. This also includes, for example Gawr Gurawhich has generated more than four million followers on YouTube in three years.

However, since VTubers can customize their appearance at will, it is not always immediately clear who is behind the avatar. The streamer and YouTuber had to do the same Asmongold experience, who joins his community in a live stream of OkCode has viewed.

Because of his female avatar Asmongold mistook the well-known Genshin Impact player for a woman. Only the male voice of OkCode opened the eyes of the surprised streamer.

Found food for the Asmongold community, who were greatly amused by this error.

The whole incident was taken for granted as well captured in a clip:

Funny coincidence becomes an internet hit

OkCode usually streams with a male avatar, but wanted to reach a larger audience with the gender swap. That was just meant as a jokebut caught Asmongold off guard.

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You can’t just see that on his face, but also in his reaction. Here’s how Asmongold exits the stream saying:

“That just ruined my whole day!”

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