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Kai Cenat managed to set a new Twitch record. (Image Source: IMAGO – Independent Photo Agency Int.; Panama Pictures / Getty Images – Ethan Miller)

The American live streamer Kai Cenat is making a name for himself. The up-and-coming influencer is currently the streamer with the most active subscribers on Twitch – by a wide margin. But how did the 21-year-old do it?

Kai Cenat breaks sensational Twitch record

Over 306,000 active subscribers streamer Kai Cenat was able to record on his Twitch channel at the beginning of March (source: twitchtracker) and managed to surpass the previous Twitch record of 283,000 subscribers set by colleague Ludwig. No streamer before him has ever recorded so many active subs.

For comparison: streaming giant MontanaBlack currently has “only” 17,000 active twitch subs and even scandal streamer Amouranth can only dream of Kai Cenat’s figures. The young Texan is booking as of this writing only 11,000 active subs (Source: twitchtracker). However, that shouldn’t bother Amouranth. Because she earns the majority of her income through her OnlyFans account. Twitch money is only a fraction of their revenue.

How did Kai Cenat rise to become the new Twitch king?

Shortly after Kai Cenat broke the new record, his subscription numbers began to fall again. It currently has around 242,000 active subscribers. This is not surprising, however, because the streamer is now apparently taking a little break after this grandiose success.

He was able to do this through a so-called Subathon to reach. With subathons, viewers can increase the amount of time the streamer is consistently online by taking out subscriptions. At Kai Cenat, this campaign went so well that the young streamer On the air for an impressive 30 days was and even showed up while sleeping.

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Subscriptions are just one way for streamers to make money on Twitch, but there’s a lot more:

Such actions are usually particularly popular with the viewers, however, almost always push the streamers to their breaking point. Although Kai Cenat is visibly happy about the new Twitch record, the influencer should be more than happy that the subathon is now over.

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