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Do you already know No One Survived? The co-op survival game has been creeping through the Steam charts for weeks, cheered on by positive reviews and fantastic graphics. The game is currently in Early Access.

Zombie survival sandbox: No One Survived

With its strong focus on collecting, learning and building, No One Survived differs from other zombie games: you start in single player or co-op mode in a post-apocalyptic world where you must somehow survive. For this it is not only necessary to collect building materials and food, but also important things to learn about medicine, tailoring and electrochemistry.

No One Survived

No One Survived

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While you yours Accommodation hammers togetheryou not only have to observe the basic physical laws, you can also Lay electricity and water in the house. Then there’s the zombies: once you’ve put so much time and effort into your base, you certainly don’t want to lose your beloved home to the undead.

No One Survived offers not just one day-night rhythmbut also four Seasons and NPCs, such as a materials vendor. Overall the game has a very extensive crafting system and is best suited for those players who want less of a shooter and more of a survival sandbox. No One Survived is currently still in Early Access, but players in the comments are already praising the scope and richness of detail in the game (source: Steam).

On Steam the game comes with mostly positive reviews rated.

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Interest? Check out the trailer:

Official Multiplayer Trailer: No One Survived

No One Survived burst onto the Steam charts out of nowhere and has been swimming in the top or middle spots for weeks. The game was released on January 14, 2023. It is not yet known when the full release will be.

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