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In Hogwarts Legacy you can unlock 34 spells and use them in and out of combat. In addition to practical standard spells, there are both special magic and the famous and unforgivable killing curses in the game. You can see how magic works and a current list of all magic spells here.

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Use spells in Hogwarts Legacy

In the console versions for PlayStation and Xbox you use the magic as standard R2/RT button. A simple press triggers a basic attack spell. In addition, there is also a defensive spell, counter spells and powerful ancient magic.

Special spells are in turn triggered by the spell set at the bottom right of the screen. This is a quick select where you hold the R2/RT button and then press the appropriate button for one of four assigned special spells.

Use the magic set selection on the bottom right to cast spells (Source: Avalanche / WB Games).
Use the magic set selection on the bottom right to cast spells (Image Source: Avalanche/WB Games)

In the course of the game you can also get three more spell sets via the talent menu, between which you can switch as you like, so that you can ultimately equip and use a total of 16 spells at the same time. The special spells are divided into different categories with different colors. Many opponents use shield spells of different colors. Then use spells of appropriate colors to pierce enemies’ shields.

You can also use the famous killing curses during the game via the magic set selection. These include the unforgivable curses Avada Kedavra, Crucio, and Imperio. If you want to learn them, be sure to check out the linked guide, as only the curses are missable during gameplay if you make wrong decisions in dialogues.

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Below you can see them List of all 34 spells. You will learn all spells except the curses automatically in the main missions or through tasks from your teachers. So, if a particular spell isn’t available to you yet, progress further in the story to learn it or receive related quests from your teachers.

All Basic Spells

Magic spell effect
basic spell Deals minor damage to enemies and objects.
Revelio Highlights treasures, objectives, objects and puzzles in the environment.
protego Protect yourself from attacks with a barrier.
stupor Counter spell that stuns enemies.
Ancient Magic Throw Lets you summon objects and pull them in to use as projectiles.
ancient magic Devastating special attack that you can trigger when your magic gauge is full.
Alohomora Lets you pick locks with a mini game.
Petrificus totalus Freezes enemies if you stealthily cast it from behind.

All spell set spells

Magic spell effect Type
Arresto Momentum Slows objects and enemies. Control (Yellow)
Glacius Freezes enemies and increases damage from follow-up attacks. Control (Yellow)
Levioso Makes objects and people float. Control (Yellow)
transformation Transforms enemies and objects into other forms. Control (Yellow)
Accio Draw objects and people towards you. Power (Purple)
Depulso Push objects and people away from you. Power (Purple)
descent Throws objects and people to the ground. Power (Purple)
Filipendo Throws objects and people up and back. Power (Purple)
Confringo Causes a long range firebolt. Damage (Red)
diffindo Inflicts a ranged slash on objects and enemies. Damage (Red)
expellarmus Disarms enemies and deals damage on hit. Damage (Red)
bombarda Deals heavy explosive damage and destroys obstacles. Damage (Red)
Incendio Catches enemies on fire and ignites the area. Damage (Red)
disillusionment Makes you nearly invisible and casts Petrificus Totalus to stun you. Utility (Blue)
lumos Illuminates the environment and can help with puzzles. Utility (Blue)
repair Repairs objects again. Utility (Blue)
Wingardium Leviosa Allows objects to levitate and be controlled by you Utility (Blue)
Summoning Spells Lets you summon objects in the Room of Requirement. Morphing (Light Green)
Alteration Spell Lets you change the properties of objects in the Room of Requirement. Morphing (Light Green)
Evanesco Makes objects in the Room of Requirement disappear and gives you back Moonstone. Morphing (Light Green)
beast brush Allows you to pet beasts. Utility (Blue)
Beast Food Allows you to feed animal creatures. Utility (Blue)
snap bag Magic bag that lets you rescue and keep animal creatures. Utility (Blue)
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All Killing Curses

Magic spell effect Type
Avada Kedavra Curse that kills your target. Unforgivable Curse (Green)
crucio Curses enemies, dealing damage over time. Unforgivable Curse (Green)
empire Makes enemies fight for you temporarily. Unforgivable Curse (Green)

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