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An upcoming medieval strategy highlight is sparking a lot of hype on Steam: The building game Manor Lords has impressed the community and is currently the third most popular game on the platform.

The ranking of the most wanted games on Steam gives a good impression of which games are most eagerly awaited in the community become. The medieval strategy game Manor Lords, which currently holds third place, is particularly hyped and promises a historically accurate world in which you can build cities and fight battles.

Manor Lords: Steam fans are looking forward to strategy game

In Manor Lords you will slip into the role of a lord who is gradually expanding and advancing his village. You must develop a sense of the economic and social realities of your empire and expand it through trade, conquest and battle. According to the developer, the world is based on Slavic Magic historical realism and is the Frankish environment of the 14th century modeled after

Check out the Steam Fest trailer for Manor Lords here:

Manor Lords – Steam Next Fest Announcement

Unfortunately, Manor Lords doesn’t have a fixed release date yet – but hopefully you can count on the strategy game this year. On the Steam page is the release window with 2023 specified.

Manor Lords

Starfield, Hollow Knight and More: The Most Wanted Steam Games

Manor Lords is one of the most wanted games on Steam right now – just the long-awaited sequel Hollow Knight: Silksong and Bethesda’s RPG epic Starfield are on even more wish lists than the strategy game. It is followed by Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl and Frostpunk 2 on rank 4 and 5. (Source: Steam)

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Of course, a high wish list rank alone does not guarantee success, but Sons of the Forest is currently proving that the hype is far from a disadvantage. The survival horror hit has to release straight from the most wanted game on the platform to the top of the bestseller charts thrived – and raked in rave reviews from fans in the process.

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