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Windows 11 feels almost like Windows 10 in many respects – but in fact some functions from the direct predecessor are still missing: For example the volume mixer, which can be used directly as a pop-up on the desktop. But that’s changing thanks to a new update.

Comeback in Windows 11: Volume Mixer returns

A lot of people don’t even know: The sound volume of your PC can not only be adjusted at the entire system level, you can also use the volume mixer to adjust the level of individual programs independently of each other.

In Windows 10, this option opens as a handy pop-up when you right-click on the speaker icon in the taskbar at the bottom right and then select the “Open volume mixer” option. This functionality is also available under Windows 11, but instead of opening a small pop-up, Microsoft’s current operating system throws you into its settings app, that fills the entire screen.

But that is now changing. Like microsoft in a recent blog entry reveals, will straight one new Insider update for Windows 11 rolled out, which overhauls the volume mixer in Windows 11. After installing the new version, users can reach it directly with a simple click on the loudspeaker symbol – the function appears as an overlay and can be controlled directly over it.

This is what the new overlay with volume mixer looks like (Image source: Microsoft)

But that’s not all. If that takes too long, you can also use the new shortcut Windows key + Ctrl + V call up the volume mixer directly.

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Speaking of new Windows features: The current version of Windows 11 also gives the Bing search engine AI support:

The new Bing in Windows 11

Microsoft Windows 11 Home |  1 device |  1 user |  PC activation code via email

Microsoft Windows 11 Home | 1 device | 1 user | PC activation code via email

The price may be higher now. Price as of 3/6/2023 7:46 p.m

Windows 11: New functions currently only for insiders

As already mentioned, the new Windows 11 update will be current only for members of the Insider program unrolled. Anyone who registers for the insider program gets early access to new Windows updates, which are not quite final yet and may therefore also be unstable.

Upgrade to Windows 11 or rather stay true to Windows 10? We can’t entirely make this decision for you, but we’re happy to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of both operating systems:

However, if you really want to try out the latest functions first, you can easily sign up for the Windows Insider program – and of course you can also unsubscribe at any time.

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