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Netflix is ​​cleaning up again and completely throwing out all seasons and episodes of a real series insider tip. Anyone who likes entertaining time travel should not miss this highlight and should definitely take a look again before deleting it.


This insider tip has been dormant on Netflix for the past few years, but will now be removed through March 19, 2023. The time travel series “Timeless”, originally running on NBC, started in autumn 2016 and ran for two seasons until the end of 2018. There are 28 episodes in total, each a little longer than 40 minutes. Ergo: If you still want to see all the episodes now, you could still do so until Netflix is ​​kicked out (Watch Timeless on Netflix). The good news: There is a real series conclusion with a double episode at the end of the 2nd season.

Time travel adventures on Netflix: “Timeless” only available until March 19th

But what is it all about? A Ex-NSA agent steals a time machine and wants to change the history of the USA. History professor Lucy Preston, soldier Wyatt Logan and technician Rufus Carlin team up and travel behind the time machine in an earlier prototype and intervene. The story sounds manageable at first, but ultimately turns out to be very entertaining and exciting.

A trailer says more than 1,000 words:

Timeless – Trailer (NBC)

The critics liked it. Rotten Tomatoes has impressive ones 91 percent and the viewers are also satisfied with 77 percent. A similar picture emerges from the IMDb with 7.6 out of a maximum of 10 points. In short: you can take a look, it’s worth it. Still doubts?

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After “Timeless” came “The Boys”

Series creator and producer Eric Kripke has been responsible for a somewhat different series success since 2019. “The Boys” on Amazon Prime Video is not dedicated to the problem of time travel, but rather sees itself as the antithesis to all the superhero films we know. Cynical, gory and just bizarre – incredibly good. To be honest, “Timeless” doesn’t quite match that, but it’s still wonderful TV entertainment that has so far been under the radar in this country.

By the way: streaming is possible “Timeless” is currently only available for money for each individual episode or season (e.g. look at Amazon). In this respect, it is worthwhile to watch the series quickly as a Netflix customer beforehand.

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