Ways to Offset your Student Loans

Ways to Offset your Student Loans

We have often heard education leads to success. It’s absolutely true! Students enroll themselves in the best universities as they offer good placements. To make their future bright most of the students dream of acquiring education from best of the universities. But getting into reputed university is not free! And not every student have sufficient fund for education. Ultimately the option left for them is student’s loan.

By the time you graduate,Guest Posting you will have multiple loans to repay, whether they are private student loan or federal student loan, no loan comes without interest. After graduation the immediate loan repayment is sure thing to stress you. The repayment starts within 6 months of graduation.

Paying back students loan can be intimidating. But no need to freak out, with determination and a proper plan you will definitely repay your loan.

Everyone wish to be debt free as soon as possible. Who likes to spend their hard earned money in repaying loans? No one right. Everyone wish that they could have a great holiday, buy an expensive car or fulfill any dream they have, from their income.

Never forget that, defaulting student’s loans can lead to serious consequences. It can ruin your credit score and you won’t be able to apply for any other loan in future. In case of federal loan, be prepared for your wage garnishment as your paycheck will be send directly to the government for repayment of loan. In case of private student’s loan you are not only putting yourself in trouble but also anyone who co-signed your loan is at equal risk.

Here are some ways to pay off student’s loan:

Take a note of the following points which will guide you in repaying students loan with ease and proper understanding.

Get a proper understanding of your loans
The most essential thing is to keep track of your lender, balance and repayment schedule for your student’s loan.

Be attentive of details and paperwork

Make sure you are aware of all the information regarding your loan to understand your loan terms. For example, will the interest rate be fixed? Which means it will be the same for the duration of the loan or it will be variable which means they can change during the duration of the loan. Understanding the terms of your loans will keep you away from possible complications.

Know Your Grace Period

Grace period is how long you can wait after leaving school to make your first payment. It depends upon the type of loan you taken, for federal loans it is six months. For private student loan, grace period differs, so it’s very important to go through your paperwork and contact your lender to find out the grace period so that you do not miss your first payment.

See if you are eligible for Income-Based Repayment

Only students with federal loans are eligible for Income based repayment. If you income is limited, income based repayment allows you to pay on the basis of what you earn, not on what your actual loan payments are. On the basis of Income based repayment plan, tour monthly payment amount will be 15 percent of your flexible income.

If you are repaying under income based repayment for 25 years and meet certain other requirements, any remaining balance will be canceled.

This program is not for the people who hold private loans. Even though your loan is sponsored by a private company, there are possibilities that it could be a federal loan. To make that sure you can login to www.nslds.ed.gov (national student loan data system) to see if you currently have a federal loan.

Start making payment while still in school.

If you want to repay student loan faster start paying your loans before you graduate. The interest meter will go on increasing the whole time you’re in school. When your required payments begin, the unpaid interest is”capitalized”, added to your loan balance; interest then is calculated on the new larger, balance. If you are able to make payments while in school that will help in reducing interest capitalization that will save your money.

prepay if possible

If you are able to pay more than your fixed monthly payment every time, this will definitely lower the interest amount that you were supposed to pay over the life of the loan. If you are opting to prepay make sure of that you include written request to your lender specifying that the extra amount be applied to your loan balance, and continue making payments each month. Otherwise, your prepayment may automatically be credited to a future payment and you may not be billed for the next month.

Ask for Loan Repayment Money for Gifts

If your friends and family want to gift you something like a holiday or birthday/graduation gift, tell them to rather give you funds that you can use to repay your student loan.

Ask your employer’s help

Many employers include student loan repayment option as an incentive. Similar to signing bonuses and health benefits, to attract best talent they offer student loan repayment. You can ask your boss for student loan repayment by offering a good deal for the company in return, such as signing a contract for specific period of time or show willingness to relocate wherever they want.

Loan Forgiveness

Federal student loans can be forgiven if you work in certain field or for specific type of employers. Public Service Loan Forgiveness is a federal program that forgives any student debt remaining after 10 years of qualifying payments for people in government, nonprofit, and other public service jobs. You can get more details on IBRinfo.org. There are other federal loan forgiveness options available for teachers, nurses, AmeriCorps and Peace Corps volunteers, and other professions, as well as some state, school, and private programs

Consolidate your loans

Consolidation loan combines multiple loans into one for a single monthly payment and one fixed interest rate. Keep in mind that you should never consolidate federal loans into a private student loan, that will make you lose all the repayment options like unemployment deferments and loan forgiveness programs which is applicable for federal loans.

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