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Tesla fans may have hoped for more from the electric car manufacturer’s Investor Day: Elon Musk did not present a new electric car as part of his master plan. Customers should be able to look forward to falling prices, but the CEO owes important details.


No new electric car: Elon Musk cannot convince with Masterplan 3

As the third stage of his master plan, Elon Musk wants to show that it is possible to convert the entire earth to sustainable energies. A really big goal. A small step on the way there will continue to be the electric car manufacturer Tesla, for which Musk is also setting new records: he wants to do this by 2030 20 million electric cars build, spread over ten different models.

There is still a long way to go until then: the four familiar Teslas – Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y – are currently on the market. In 2022, Tesla set a new personal record with around 1.37 million vehicles. For potential customers it is clear: There is more to come from Tesla. The Tesla boss was only very reluctant to give details during the Investor Day at the headquarters in Texas. The one expected in advance There was no announcement of a new electric carTesla shares then fell by 5 percent.

Lease an e-car and collect an environmental bonus

To this end, Elon Musk and other members of his leadership team have reiterated that one new platform for future electric models is working. So far, Tesla has two platforms on offer, one with the Model S and Model X, the other with Model 3 and Model Y. The next generation should bring a cost advantage in production. The e-cars could be up to 50 percent cheaper – at least in production.

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Tesla makes e-cars cheaper: When is the time?

However, this cost advantage will not reach buyers in full and the timing has also remained open. Nevertheless, Tesla vehicles should become cheaper. According to Musk, the successful transition to electromobility also depends on “that the Electric cars must be affordablejust arousing a desire for them is not enough” (source: business week).

How Elon Musk makes his money:

But Musk still had a little treat in his luggage: In Texas they want to test a cheap charging program next July. for one Flat rate of $30 per month participants could use their Tesla charge overnight without additional electricity costs. This is made possible by the large surplus of electricity from wind energy in the US state. If the test is successful, similar models could also be offered elsewhere, where Tesla believes the framework conditions are there.

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