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The development of the iPhone is an ongoing process. So it’s not surprising at first that the iPhone 15 or the Pro models still have to do without technology. But what is Apple holding back for next year?


A new report from far away South Korea gives us a glimpse into Apple’s current business games beyond the iPhone 15 and also confirms previous statements by recognized display expert and insider Ross Young (source: The Elec).

iPhone 16 Pro: First Apple cell phone with Face ID under the display

As a result, Apple shouldn’t have any major difficulties with the current state of smartphone production processes, already 2025 and thus with the iPhone 16 Pro to install a TrueDepth camera system, which is below the screen located. This means that the necessary sensors for Apple’s facial recognition (Face ID) move under the display and thus disappear from the user’s field of vision.

At the moment, the technology is still in a pill-shaped screen opening, which is concealed within the “Dynamic Island” together with the actual front camera. In the next year, only the small hole for the actual camera would remain. Especially with full screen applications (video) would be so more space again created. In the following year and thus with the iPhone 17, the two standard models would follow suit.

There are cameras below the display, but the quality is usually not convincing:

Xiaomi Mix 4: under-display camera in detail

2026: The year of the first “pristine” iPhone

The basic technology would then continue to Apple in the year 2026 for one Underpanel Camera (UPC) use, comparable to but probably more advanced than Samsung’s existing solution. Ergo: With the iPhone 18 Pro, all sensors and cameras disappear under the display, leaving a flawless screen without holes or other impairments.

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This technology would also inherit the regular iPhone 19 in 2027 following the previous cycle. Bottom line: at the latest in 2027 own then all types of the current iPhone year uncompromising display. If this is important to you, you have to be patient. But to be honest: in view of the continued success of the Apple cell phone, this feature is probably not really decisive for customers’ purchase at the moment.

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