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Up to and including April 6th, many people are currently behaving a little strangely. They don’t drink, they don’t smoke, abstaining from meat, sweets are taboo… it’s Lent. Why not do without streaming services like Netflix and similar services during this time? In my weekend column on GIGA, I’ll tell you what’s behind this personal recommendation.


Living healthily is particularly popular at the moment. You don’t have to be religious for this. Even if you are not a member of the church, you can still use the opportunity to detox. Alcohol, nicotine and carnal desires are in the Lent switched off. The idea: doing something good for the body by doing without. But what about our mind?

Netflix, Disney + and Co: Lent for streaming services?

In my opinion the mind also deserves enough rest and mindfulness. Every minute he is bombarded with information and put under pressure. Even entertainment, actually intended for relaxation, mutates into high-performance sport. Have you seen this one amazing series on Netflix yet? Be sure to check out this awesome movie on Disney+. And then over at Amazon Prime Video, this one cult series will be out in 8 days, be sure to check it out beforehand.

Even the selection of streaming services is overwhelming:

I myself am not entirely innocent, I am a Part of this “pusher column” and write such articles several times a day and give appropriate streaming tips. All well intentioned, after all nobody wants to miss out on good entertainment.

And yet there should be times the TV should be switched off and streaming subscriptions should be canceled temporarily if possible. A time of mental detoxification – “digital detox”, a popular buzzword. At the same time you can then reduce your smartphone use and pull out a book again, right?

What remains at the end: A good reason to switch off

Yes, exactly, why would you think about such a mental detox? Sanity aside, I’ll give you a solid and another self-serving reason. The streaming services, above all Netflix, flood us with new series and films almost every day. However, much of it is rather bad, at best mediocre. In the end, only a few good-quality content remain. If you switch off for a month or two, can filter better after its “digital fasting period”..

Because you don’t even get tempted and watch all the mediocre series and films. Instead of this you concentrate on the few pearlsthat remain. You can find them, for example, via JustWatch or with a Chromecast add-on, which I have already presented.

Just to clarify again: All of this is purely a recommendation or at least a thought worth pondering. Of course you can and may also use Netflix and Co. during Lent. I don’t want to dictate anything to you in this column, but I do want to stimulate your thoughts. Have a nice Sunday.

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