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In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the Bloodhound Gang cleared the charts with hits like “Along Comes Mary”, “The Ballad of Chasey Lain” and most notably “The Bad Touch”. Since the big successes in the early 2000s, however, it has become quiet around singer Jimmy Pop and Co. What is the Bloodhound Gang doing today?

The last studio album “Hard-off” was released in 2015. Since then there has been no tour and no new song.

Jimmy Pop & Evil Jared: What are they up to today?

Unlike System of a Down, for example, who even released their last album in 2005 and have been on tour ever since, at least every now and then in 2020 even 2 new songss released, the Bloodhound Gang doesn’t appear to have something new to hear in the near future becomes. Although there was no official statement about a dissolution, bassist Evil Jared did reported in interviewsthat he doesn’t know if the band still exists.

What happened to the former members?

“Evil” Jared Hasselhoff should have met many TV viewers in recent months and years. He now lives in Berlin and works as an entertainer. So he is always in various TV shows, such as various programs with Joko and Klaas and celebrity competitions such as the “Battle of the reality stars“. Berlin wrestling fans can always look forward to guest appearances by Hasselhoff in the local “GWF” league. You can watch one of his matches from 2019 here:

Anyone who follows his Facebook channel also learns that “Evil” Jared is always on the road as a “special guest” at various parties in Germany, for example at the Parookaville Festival 2023.

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You can buy a drinking game from him on Amazon, and he also tried to market an anti-hangover drug (source: Businessinsider.de).

Evil Jared Hasselhoff Drinking Game |  party game |  JARED'S Cup - The Official Party Card Game |  100

Evil Jared Hasselhoff Drinking Game | party game | JARED’S Cup – The Official Party Card Game | 100

The price may be higher now. Price from 02/24/2023 13:21

What is the Bloodhound Gang doing in 2023?

Former Bloodhound Gang frontman and singer Jimmy Pop is a completely different way went. He left the limelight and retired from the entertainment world. Every now and then he publishes old photos from the time with the band, otherwise he does not appear in public.

He is also not active on other social media apart from Twitter. In 2022, his voice was on the party combo’s song “Daddy WTF?” to hear “Russian Village Boys”. and starred in the video clip.

The other band members played more in the background during the band’s heyday. In the band’s history there were also repeated changes in the line-up. Alongside singer Jimmy Pop (1988 to 2015) and “Evil” Jared Hasselhof (1995 to 2015), keyboardist DJ Q-Ball was there the longest when the hit album “Hooray For Boobies” was released (1995 to 2015). DJ Q-Ball is currently active with lesser-known music acts. The other ex-members are no longer in the big music world either. The former guitarist Lüpüs Thunder is now working as a real estate agent in San Antonio.

Why did the Bloodhound Gang disband?

The band has always been known for their controversial appearance and humor off the beaten path. But one of these jokes probably broke up the band. At a performance in July 2013 Jared Hasselhoff pulled a Russian flag through his underpants at a concert in the Ukrainian city of Odessa. As a consequence, the upcoming concert in the Russian city of Anapa was canceled by the organizer and the band was expelled from the country. In the waiting area of ​​Anapa Airport, the band was attacked by strangers. Hasselhoff subsequently apologized for his actions, but all outstanding concerts in Russia had to be cancelled. The band never officially broke up, but have gone their separate ways since what happened in Russia.

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