WhatsApp chat is being rebuilt: You have to be prepared for that gameandnews

WhatsApp is regularly updated with new features. But nothing has changed in normal chatting for a long time. That’s exactly what WhatsApp is doing now. This will radically change the look of chats – for the better if everything goes smoothly.

WhatsApp shows profile pictures in chats

It’s rare that WhatsApp touches on the basic functionality, which is the ability to easily chat with friends and family. According to the latest information, this is exactly what will happen in the future. The look of the chat has not changed for a long time. In group chats, the members’ names are displayed in a different color so you can tell them apart at a glance. This will be expanded soon. WhatsApp will namely Also display profile pictures. It then looks like this:

The change appeared in the beta test version of WhatsApp for Android version, after there were indications of the change in the iOS beta. So when WhatsApp introduces the feature, it will be back are available to all users.

If the profile pictures are shown in chats, then you can recognize your chat partners even more easily. That applies at least as long as this does not change its image every day. Then the opposite effect could be produced. Especially couples who use the same picture with both people or parents who use their children as their profile picture could be confused. In the end, however, this will be settled if misunderstandings arise.

These are the best alternatives to WhatsApp:

WhatsApp innovation still in development

It is currently not known when exactly WhatsApp will activate profile pictures in chats. At first glance, this sounds like a small change, but it has a lasting effect on the way chats are displayed, so WhatsApp has to test exactly how the design change behaves. It is not yet known whether there will be an option to switch off.


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