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With “The Last of Us” starts one of the most anticipated video game adaptations in series form. You can find out where you can watch the adventures of Joel and Ellie in the stream here.

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“The Last of Us” – where in the stream?

In Germany, “The Last of Us” – as is usual for HBO content – is available exclusively in the stream on Sky and WOW. In order to be able to see the series, you either need the “Series” subscription from WOW or the standard package “Entertainment Plus” from Sky Q.

The current episode is always available in Germany on Mondays, one day after the US broadcast on HBO. The series is currently not available as a flat rate offer or for digital purchase on other streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ or Netflix.

If you feel inspired to start the game again after the series, you will find the coolest Easter eggs of the second part here, which you can also keep an eye out for yourself:


Dates (episode list)

Movies and series based on video games don’t have the best reputations. Typical reasons why they often fail are shown here:

About The Last of Us series

The world as we know it has become unrecognizable after a terrible fungal pandemic. 20 years after the fall of modern civilization, people are banding together in small and large groups or trying to somehow survive as loners.

Joel Miller has lost his only daughter and wife. In post-apocalyptic North America he tries to make ends meet as a smuggler. Everything changes when he and his partner Theresa ‘Tess’ Servopoulos (Anna Torv) are brought together on an assignment with 14-year-old Ellie Williams.

Joel will be portrayed by The Mandalorian and Game of Thrones star Pedro Pascal. Bella Ramsey, who plays Ellie, is also known as the young lady of Bear Island, Lyanna Mormont, from Game of Thrones.

HBO has high hopes for The Last of Us. HBO is rumored to be charging $100 million per season for the series, which would make the series more expensive than most Game of Thrones seasons.

Is the series worth it?

Frank Knight
Frank Ritter, head of the office at GIGA. Expert for Android, Windows and home entertainment.

No review, no spoilers here. As a fan of the games, The Last of Us series is of course a must for me. After the first two episodes, I can confirm: it delivers – for the most part. Pedro Pascal works as the gnarly, trimmed Joel, but I’ll have to wait and see if I’ll warm up to Bella Ramsey as Ellie.

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The series sticks closely to the games, sometimes whole locations and scenes are taken over, on the other hand it cuts where it makes sense – eternal firefights and other “game effects” would be too lengthy in a film adaptation. Elsewhere, the plot of the games is expanded in a meaningful way, for example when the beginning of the episodes tells more about the time when the Cordyceps fungus afflicted mankind.

The series works for connoisseurs of the games in any case. The TLoU series is probably also something for non-gamers, at least if you desolate and gloomy zombie apocalypse scenarios can gain something. The makers have also announced that they will continue to stick closely to the game template in terms of plot and do not want to artificially lengthen the series – a boon for anyone who found The Walking Dead to be too stupid at some point. The most important: The mood is right, the production value is immense. Thumbs up!

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