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Probably the craziest game of the year has landed on the Nintendo Switch. For the quirky hit Give Me Toilet Paper! To be able to gamble, you not only need your console, but also a roll of toilet paper.

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A remarkably bizarre game is currently causing a sensation on the Nintendo Switch. The newly released indie game Give Me Toilet Paper! uses your Joy-Con’s motion controls in a unique way – although you can only complete the course hit if you have a roll of toilet paper handy.

Give Me Toilet Paper: Switch game uses a curious feature

In Give Me Toilet Paper! you take control of a roll of toilet paper. Your mission is get through an obstacle course unscathed and ending up with a man who desperately needs some toilet paper.

In order to gamble the strange game, you not only need your switch, but also a real toilet paper roll, into which you put your Joy-Con and ideally keep it in place with some toilet paper for an extra dose of authenticity. Then you place the Joy-Con roll on a board or a sturdy piece of cardboard and use motion controls to direct the toilet paper through the maze.

Check out the trailer for Give Me Toilet Paper here! at:

(Source: takmiyazawa, YouTube)

If you’ve ever wanted to get a desperate man a roll of toilet paper through an obstacle course – and let’s face it, who doesn’t dream of that? – then you can Give Me Toilet Paper! now for 4 euros save in the Nintendo eShop.

Nintendo Switch: Developer designs crazy control options

For Takahiro Miyazawa, the developer of Give Me Toilet Paper! the control by toilet paper by no means the first trip into unusual game projects. Back in 2018, he presented two extremely bizarre ideas at a games fair – a game that can be controlled with giant scissors and another in which gamers have to use a spray bottle. (Source: PC gamers)

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