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AusweisApp2 is also very popular in the Play Store. (Image source: GIGA)

An inconspicuous ID app is at the top of the Apple and Google app stores. What initially seems strange has a simple reason: money. Because the state is giving away 200 euros to millions of people.

In the Apple and Google app stores, the pecking order is usually clear: at the top are the usual suspects like WhatsApp, Google Maps or PayPal. For a few days now, however, one ID app has been playing at the forefront: AusweisApp2.

ID app storms the charts in the App Store and Play Store

If you are wondering where the sudden success came from: The high download numbers should be related to the Energy flat rate related, the students and professional students can apply for recently. Wave here 200 euros from the state, which are intended to compensate for the high energy prices of the past few months. 3.5 million students and technical students are entitled to it.

In order to apply for the flat-rate energy price, those entitled need a BundID account and an ELSTER certificate or an ID card with online functionality – and that’s it This is where the AusweisApp2 comes into play. “For the online ID function, you need an up-to-date smartphone and an identification app, e.g. AusweisApp2”, says the info page for applying for the energy price flat rate (source: One-time payment200).

ID App2

ID App2

Governikus GmbH & Co. KG

ID App2

ID App2

Governikus GmbH & Co. KG

Most students and technical students should not have an ELSTER certificate and therefore probably use the ID app. AusweisApp2 currently ranks first in the Apple App Store and third in the Google Play Store.

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