Wunder-Box enables a mini solar system with 1,800 watts gameandnews

The massive increase in electricity prices has caused interest in so-called balcony power plants to explode. You can buy a mini solar system for relatively little money and produce electricity for free. Balcony power plants are currently relatively limited in Germany, but a small miracle box should legally unleash the full power.

Balcony power plant with up to 1,800 watts possible

In Germany, the rules for balcony power plants are relatively strict. A maximum of 600 watts is possible and a power socket is actually necessary, but this specification is usually ignored and a Schuko socket is used. While the VDE is working on revising the rules, there is already a solution that Balcony power plants with up to 1,800 watts are possible. If a memory is used, even 3,800 watts are possible. This means that a huge solar system can be easily connected by anyone without an electrician. That makes it possible ready2plugin feed monitor (look at the manufacturer).

The current monitor is easily connected to the inverter and the solar modules. In addition, one Connection established to household power supply, so that the power monitor always knows how much energy is needed in the household and makes it available when the solar modules are delivering enough power. All this works via the normal socket, because the electricity is consumed directly. Reverse electricity meters are also not a problem, as it can be set so that no electricity is fed into the grid.

Optionally, a battery can also be connected in which the excess electricity is stored and released again when it is needed. The ready2plugin feed-in monitor basically unfolds the unbelievable possibilities of a mini solar system, just as they should actually be. Included the system monitors the actual power consumption and can deliver exactly the power that is needed. In this way, no electricity is wasted, there is no security risk in the household and the power grids are not endangered.

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In the video we tell you why a balcony power plant is worthwhile for everyone:

Prices for balcony power plants have fallen sharply

Even if you don’t want to build a large balcony power plant with 1,800 watts or more, you should consider installing a normal mini solar system. The prices for complete sets have fallen sharply, so you can get started cheaply. In addition, there are already generous subsidies that make the purchase even more palatable.


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