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Whether CoD, Battlefield or GTA – even these popular series have recently attracted attention due to severe game disappointments. Release disasters are no longer uncommon and often destroy the trust of buyers. The Xbox Game Pass could be the perfect solution for anyone who is having trouble buying games and just wants to leave their money in the right places.

A comment by Mandy Strebe

I am not a big fan of infinite choices – Subscription systems, All You Can Eat and even full-line retailers cause me problems. They rarely meet my needs and easily overwhelm me. Still, that’s no reason for me to categorically rule out subscriptions.

Because the Xbox Game Pass could my gaming behavior and the connection to games move in a positive direction. Years ago, certain game disappointments made me doubt the big game developers and publishers in the industry.

Especially when the expectation for a release is high and the game in question is also a full-price title, the case is even deeper. At the latest when I let down tried and loved series – I look at you, Fallout 76 – my confidence was gone.

I turned my back on the big AAA productions as much as possible and preferred to put my money into them more affordable and original indie games.

And then came Xbox Game Pass

The first thing I encountered was free access to Xbox Game Pass at gamescom. Xbox already drove one back then aggressive advertising and particularly attractive pricing policy for the subscription system. Not knowing about the content of the service, I gave away this access at the time.

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But the more I looked through the opaque structure of the subscription and Microsoft eliminated the first teething problems of its service, I was convinced ridiculous starting price for one euro then yes. One month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, play over 100 games – including new releases and top games – for free. Can you do it?

While digging through the library noncommittally, I noticed that Xbox had a balanced mix of AAA games and genuine indie pearls. A first argument that particularly convinced me.

Also, the Microsoft subscription is not just limited to their own titles, many third party developers settle into Xbox Game Pass. Another purchase argument that the competition can rarely offer – Ubisoft Connect, EA Play and Co. mostly only understand their own creations.

Another, almost absurd event occurred: Xbox added games to the Game Pass at what felt like a week, which had been on mine for some time imaginary wish list found – I was thrilled! As if the games were conjured up in the library just for me.

That the Game Pass too fresh releases from day one offers – including real top games such as Age of Empires 4 – is the icing on the cake for me.

I try and am rewarded

Remember how I hate spending money on games because there’s a disappointment around every corner? I was able to completely overcome this fear with the Game Pass – finally I have a fixed amountwhich won’t work no matter how many games in the library I try.

So I tried myself The Mediasniffed in ExoOne pure, experienced Undertale and developed fun again with blockbusters like Doom Eternal. I often read reports from other gamers who also discovered games for themselves through Game Pass that they had never heard of before or that they would never have chosen otherwise (source: Game Informer)

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Do you already know the special Exo One? Thanks to Xbox Game Pass, I was able to try out the Steam hit without obligation:

Exo One: Release Date Trailer

Also quite a few Indie developers talked about the positive effects their collaboration with Xbox and the Game Pass model (source: My last doubts about the subscription system have been resolved. Does everyone win with Game Pass and the video game industry is not doomed?

You can be as jumpy as you want

I would think Describe game taste as very special. I don’t like much, very much bores me quickly and most established game formulas are my nightmare. With such a taste, purchasing decisions for video games can also become a real tour de force.

How often do we get the feeling, “I spent so and so much money on this game, now I should finish it.” That’s one Approach that steals precious lifetime. Especially when you could actually spend it playing a game that’s thoroughly enjoyable.

This is what Game Pass allows me to shamelessly experience. I jump from game to gamewithout losing a cent and thus find the right experience for me faster – all without a guilty conscience.

The concept of subscription certainly isn’t for everyone, and Xbox Game Pass won’t meet all needs either. However, if you are also a big scaredy-cat when it comes to purchasing decisions, you should Microsoft subscription service at least give it a chance. After all, the trial month only costs a tired euro:

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