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“TGIF” – it’s Friday and Amazon is starting its rental campaign again for 99 cents per film on “Amazon Prime Video”. If you feel like a streaming evening, you have the opportunity again to rent films for less than one euro from Amazon’s video offer.

Straight to the 99 cent movies

In March, the focus was already on films that were released in 2022. It’s going to be similar this weekend. For example, the comic book blockbuster “Black Adam” starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is waiting to be watched. It’s similarly action-packed in Chase, starring Gerard Butler.

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Unlike in the past, Amazon’s 99-cent films are only available to Amazon Prime members. If you don’t have a subscription and found an exciting film in the current campaign, you can register for the trial month to borrow the film.

Which 99 cent films are worth paying for Amazon Prime today?

The 99 cent movies are not part of the regular Amazon Prime offer. However, it may well be that one or the other film was already available free of charge for Prime customers in the past or will be included in the Prime program in the near future. Nevertheless, you can still find one or the other classic or blockbuster here for 99 cents, with which you can pass the time cheaply. If you cannot buy or rent the films via the Amazon apps on Android smartphones and iPhones, use the browser version from on your cell phone.

This weekend you can including the following films borrow (in brackets the IMDb rating and the release year for orientation):

  • Black Adam (6.3, Release: 2022)
  • Chase (4.4, Release: 2022)
  • The Woman King (6.8, Release: 2022)
  • Chase: On the Trail of the Killer (6.8, Release: 2022)
  • The Father (8.2, Release: 2021)
  • Moonage Daydream (7.8, 2022)

This time the list is not as plentiful as it was in February. All films can be found on the overview page on Amazon. The reduced prices can only be seen when logged in with a Prime account.

Martin Maciej

You can do “Black Adam” for 99 cents. Otherwise “The Father” with an IMDb rating of 8.2 could still be something.

Where can you find the films for 99 cents on Amazon?

  • In one go you can see the films on the corresponding overview page.
  • You can also see the current 99 cent titles on the main Amazon Prime Video page. Just scroll down here until you find the “Shop: Rent movies for €0.99 each” section.
  • Alternatively, you control the shop for digital videos at Amazon. There you will find the action at the top.
  • The current promotion runs from 02/17/2023 to 02/19/2023. After Sunday you will no longer find the content for the price of 0.99 euros on the video pages.
  • You can secure the films this weekend and then have 30 days, time to watch them.
  • once started you have 48 hours to finish watching.

When are 99 cent movies available and how long can you watch them?

The 99 cent films are there at irregular intervals on Amazon Prime, usually at the end of the month. The action starts on selected Fridays. The films can then until Sunday evening can be rented for 99 cents. Unlike in the past in the video store, you don’t have to watch the content immediately.

The movies are instead 30 days stored in your library for a long time and can be played during this period. Once you start playback, you have 48 hours timeto watch the movie. During this period, you can watch the 99-cent film as many times as you like. If it is foreseeable that you will not be able to watch the films you have booked, you can cancel them in the overview of your orders. But this only works if you are still within the 30-day period. After that, the film expires and your 99 cents are gone. Elsewhere we tell you how to watch the movies on a TV.

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